Countries Which Drink the Least Amount of Coffee

Countries Which Drink the Least Amount of Coffee

It is impossible to imagine the world without coffee. It seems like coffee has been with us since the beginning of time. In fact, people did discover coffee quite early on in our history. The love for coffee was so strong and the demand so high that nations were willing to go to war just to get coffee beans to their people. Of course, there is no need to go to such extremes now. The free market has made access to all kinds of coffee beans from all over the world very easy. However, it turns out, some countries did not catch the coffee bug. Yes, it may come as a surprise to many. Some countries didn’t develop much love for coffee, not then and not now. Let’s see what those countries are and how they become places that consume the least amount of coffee.

Asian countries

The low popularity of coffee in many Asian countries should not come as a surprise. South Asian countries, like Japan or China, have their centuries-old tradition of tea ceremonies that lie at the core of their culture. So, even when the world started going crazy about coffee, these countries chose to ignore it. They already had their national drink of choice. Even now, during globalization, coffee is still struggling to enter the Asian market.

Coffee in states like Japan or Korea is also quite expensive in comparison to other countries. However, it should come as a surprise since the demand for coffee beans there is not so high. For example, the Japanese don’t share the European or American habit of drinking coffee (and sometimes having only coffee) for breakfast. They have a big culture of healthy eating, which includes a full and nutritious breakfast. It leaves little room for filter coffee.

Recently coffee has started to gain some popularity in Japan. Given the country’s strength in the area of innovation, it’s no surprise that coffee makers created in Japan (such as pour-over drippers, siphons, and cold brew towers) have become popular among coffee lovers worldwide.  People have started searching for things like the top coffee makers or online shops to buy the world’s best coffee beans. The world is going online nowadays and nobody will be surprised when hearing about one more 100% Free Essays Database that can be found online. However, this is still quite new to many South Asian states. For now, they are still one of the countries that consume the least amount of coffee. Though, it seems like such statistics can change in the nearest ten years or so.

Central Africa

It feels odd to read that Central Africa scores low in coffee consumption. After all, if you had a cup of coffee today, it was produced somewhere in Central Africa. The production of coffee there is one of the highest in the world. However, when it comes to drinking it, things go in the opposite direction. Africans don’t drink much coffee. Of course, it is not entirely the African choice. The majority of coffee beans are grown solely for export. Thus, even though many regions grow coffee beans, they barely see much of their crops in local shops. It happened that the local market is not a very friendly place for coffee producers. The market is too small, and the prices for coffee grow high. Hence, the plantation owners tend to export all their crops to Europe for a higher profit.

Latin America

Of course, we can’t speak for the entire region of Latin America. Brazil, for one, is among the largest caffeine consumers out there. It scores high right beside the United States and a number of European states. However, many other Latin American countries also show serious affection to another highly caffeinated beverage – Yerba Mate Tea. This is the type of special herbal tea that is made from yerba mate plants. This plant grows in South America only, which makes it especially dear to all the locals, and particularly foreign to the rest of the world. Mate tea has similar characteristics to coffee, especially when it comes to caffeine dosages. However, unlike any coffee beverage, mate tea doesn’t score high in acidity. Thus, it already makes it healthier to drink. Many say that it is also better than tea since it is more organic in production and doesn’t have the bitter taste that highly caffeinated types of tea have. All these benefits of mate are usually mentioned in free essay samples about the most popular drinks, so to delve deeper into the details, you may visit the most popular platforms with samples.

Sure, many Latin American countries grow their own coffee beans and are highly praised all around the globe. However, as you can see, many South American countries give preference to the national drink. States like Argentina, Uruguay, and even some provinces in Brazil consume way more mate tea than coffee. They even have special cups and tools to make perfect mate tea at home. Sure, these countries are still big consumers of coffee beans. However, the demand for special mate filter spoons is much higher.