Alternative Seating Options to a Couch

Alternative Seating Options to a Couch

Couches are the go-to for most people who are looking for comfortable seating in their living rooms, studies, or bedrooms, and they are great choices to make. They are big enough to fit more than one person. You can put your feet up and get cozy under a blanket on cold nights. Yes, couches are great options for a seating solution – but what if you want something a little bit different? If you want to explore some more interesting furnishings for a more creative interior design, here are some other options to look at.

Bean Bag Chair

You might think bean bag chairs are only for kids, but on the contrary, many designs are perfect for adults, too, such as these large bean bag chairs that can easily fit two adults. These are a very fun alternative to a couch and can be incredibly comfortable as well. You could even get them for outdoor seating if you would like, but you would need to make sure that they aren’t left out in the rain and put into suitable storage at night.

Chaise Lounge

You might immediately have visions of a therapist’s office when imagining a chaise lounge, but these are great alternatives to a traditional couch and aren’t too different. They can bring a lovely vintage touch to your room if you love old Hollywood glamour, but you can also get more modern designs if this is more to your taste. They are wonderful to curl up on with a good book or to take a nap.

Armchairs and Footstools

Armchairs can be a great seating solution for smaller rooms where couches might be too dominant and take up all the floor space. You can also invest in footstools if you would like to put your feet up too. Armchairs look particularly great in hallways, studies, and even bedrooms and sunrooms, too, not just in your living room.


A daybed can feel truly luxurious, and they are perfect for lazy Sundays when you want to lounge around binge-watching your favorite movies and TV shows or even getting lost in a great book. Something between a bed and a couch, these pieces of furniture are incredibly comfortable and have multiple functions. Not only can they make a great guest bed, but many designs also have built-in storage or at least enough space underneath that you can neatly put boxes away in this space if you want to.

Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs look great in gardens, but you can also have them indoors too. Again, this type of furniture might be something you would like to put in a sunroom, but they can work well in your living rooms too. They can create a bohemian vibe that is playful but is also very comfortable if you want to relax and listen to some music or flick through the pages of a magazine.

If you are looking for new seating for your home but would like to choose something a little more interesting than your usual couch, consider the suggestions above and see which ones will work for you.

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