5 Tips to Keep Wildlife Off Your Property

5 Tips to Keep Wildlife Off Your Property

Neighborhoods are full of wildlife. Though you might like to admire them, it’s important that you keep wild animals away from your property. Raccoons and squirrels can do a ton of damage to the attic, while rodents are a nightmare inside the house. The damages that wildlife cause may cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you suspect that there is an animal in your home, contact a professional squirrel removal service. A technician will inspect your property, then get rid of the animal safely. Attempting to remove an animal yourself may result in serious injury.

The two things you need to remember when it comes to wildlife are as follows: food and shelter. Do everything you can to keep these things out of reach. To help, here are 5 tips to keep wildlife off your property.

  1. Get rid of the bird feeder

Birds are wonderful to watch, but bird feeders are magnets for unwanted wildlife. Squirrels flock to them and build nests nearby. Other rodents, such as rats and mice will feed on the seeds that fall to the ground. Raccoons might also den near bird feeders because they are a reliable source of food.

Put the bird feeder away, or, at the very least, use it sparingly. Switch to a suet feeder than you can hang on a fishing wire, far away from branches or the roof.

  1. Tie garbage cans with bungee cords

Many modern garbage bins come with hooks that allow for a bungee cord to tie the lid down. This makes it much more difficult for raccoons, squirrels, and skunks to reach the contents inside. If your bin doesn’t have a hook for this, try tying a bungee cord across the lid, from one handle to the next. Alternatively, you can find adjustable straps that tie different kinds of lids online.

In addition to tying to lid down, you should make a habit of disinfecting the bin or hosing it down to remove odors. If there are lots of raccoons in your area, try spraying the bin with apple cider vinegar. The smell will remind them of predators and encourage them to stay away.

  1. Protect your plants

Animals love fresh produce. If you have a vegetable patch, consider investing in raised garden beds you can cover with mesh lids. Skunks will be unable to climb into them, while other animals will be unable to break the mesh open.

In addition to these barriers, you can add motion-activated deterrents that spray water or flash lights when animals come near. Sprinkling cayenne pepper into your garden plants may also help to keep rodents out.

  1. Maintain the yard

Residential wildlife love overgrown yards because they are full of hiding spots. So, keep the grass short and maintain the yard. Pick up fallen fruit, rake the leaves, and pick up acorns. Pull weeds and keep things away from the walls of the house, like firewood. The tidier, the better.

  1. Secure the roof

Squirrels and raccoons like to take advantage of aging and damaged roofs. They chew and push their way through soffits, vents, and other openings so they can den inside the attic. To prevent this, stay on top of your roof repairs. Have your roof fixed as soon as it looks damaged. You can also reinforce vulnerabilities with mesh. Call a wildlife removal company and ask them to wildlife-proof your vents, chimneys, plumbing mats, and junctures with a thick mesh.

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