Wooden Flooring Ideas

Wooden Flooring Ideas

Wood flooring is a great option, and despite the onslaught of wood-look flooring options, solid hardwood and engineered wooden floors will always have a demand.

Wood has established the pattern in the past, as well as other flooring makers have fallen into line. Certain other floors, on the other hand, are pushing boundaries, and wood flooring is responding. Let’s see what wood flooring patterns and ideas have emerged till now.

Although elegance is in the perspective of the beholder, everyone on the planet agrees that wooden floors are stunning. And when it comes to choosing the best wooden floors, there are several options!

How to Choose a Wooden Finish

Here are amongst the most common finishing options, whether you choose your hardwood finished or unfinished.


This stuff is made up of a mixture of organic oils and waxes, thus it would have a hard finish similar to natural oils.

Water-based polyurethane:

It’s among the most popular finishes since it comes in a range of glossy levels, is clear to lay on, dries quickly, and has a low odour.

Natural oils:

Layering natural oils like linseed or tung creates a durable, natural look with a rustic character. Natural oils are remarkably long-lasting (particularly when combined with wax), although they require more frequent refinishing.

Aluminum oxide:

Most current coatings contain this material, which prevents scrapes, dents, and Ultraviolet fading.

Best wooden floors for your home

Teak is a luxurious and elegant wood:

Teak is an exotic wood that is rich in natural oils and has a glossy sheen even when left unfinished. This wood is certainly more expensive, but it makes the point.

Oak is a classic and powerful wood:

Oak is among the most common woods in the United States, and it’s likely what comes to mind when people think of wooden floors. There are, nevertheless, two varieties of oak that are frequently used for flooring. With reddish overtones, red oak is a touch warmer. White oak has grey undertones and is a tad colder.

Walnut is a dark, grainy wood:

However, when we mention walnut, we usually mean the domestic type, which has a deep dark chocolate hue and a beautiful, clear grain. Walnut is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a premium look.

Maple is a gentle, yet unique, wood:

The grain of maple is normally straight, however it can occasionally be wavy. On either hand, the texture is really fine. How good is it? It’s most commonly seen on baseball fields! Oh, and there’s also a Brazilian maple variety.


Hickory is a wonderful option if you want wood with a lot of personality. Because of its intricate and diverse grain, it looks exceptionally effective when cut into large plank that highlight it. Hickory has a coarse texture and is highly versatile. It’s also easy to finish because it’s a dry wood.


So, which hardwood flooring are the finest for your home? It’s entirely up to you. Simply go to the store or search online for the best flooring for your home and do your homework to keep the decorum of your property.

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