Love Great Flavors? These 3 Technologies Will Change Your Life

Love Great Flavors? These 3 Technologies Will Change Your Life

If you’re a serious lover of great foods and beverages, enjoying the world’s greatest flavors – or experiencing even better flavors from the things you already enjoy every day – can add significantly to the quality of your life. If you’re been keeping an eye on the latest technologies in the culinary world, you’re well aware that companies are doing their best to tempt you with a new array of gadgets every year. It can be hard to know, however, which of those gadgets are truly worth your money and which ones are just gimmicks that will ultimately end up collecting dust. No one has the money – let alone the space – to try all of them!

In this article, we’re going to highlight the latest technologies that truly have the potential to change the way you eat, drink and enjoy your favorite flavors. These technologies aren’t gimmicks, and they aren’t flashes in the pan. They’re definitely worth your money, and they’re worth the extra space on your counter. These are the 3 flavor technologies that can change your life.

Sous Vide Cooking

It isn’t always easy to get the ideal result when you cook your food using traditional stovetop or oven methods. Consider eggs, for instance; a difference of a few degrees in the internal temperature of an egg can completely change the texture of the yolk. You’re also liable to encounter problems when cooking meat; it can be hard to cook a thick cut of meat to the perfect internal temperature on the stovetop without overcooking the exterior.

If you’re picky about the doneness of your food and find it difficult to consistently achieve perfection, sous vide cooking will be an absolute game changer for you. A sous vide cooker attaches to a pot of water, and it uses heat and circulation to keep the water at a temperature you select. You’ll cook your food by placing it in the water after sealing it plastic and sucking out the air. Since the food can’t get hotter than the temperature you select, overcooking is impossible – and you’ll get exactly the same result every time. You can even hold your food at its final temperature as you cook other dishes on the stovetop or in the oven.

Here are just a few of the ways that using a sous vide cooker can change your life.

  • Cook your meat to the perfect internal temperature before finishing it on the stovetop to create a crusty exterior.
  • Seal your veggies with their own juices to preserve the delicate flavors and nutrients.
  • Get the perfect runny yolk every time you cook an egg with absolutely no need to worry about carry-over heat.

Automatic Vape Coil Cleaning

If you vape, there’s a good chance that you consider yourself a flavor chaser. The fact that e-liquid is available in such a wide variety of different flavors is probably a big part of what keeps you interested in vaping and helps to prevent you from backsliding and returning to cigarettes. Assuming that’s the case, there’s probably a good chance that you also spend a fair amount of time asking yourself one question: Why does my vape taste burnt?

A burnt flavor when vaping means that it’s time to replace the coil in your vape tank or pod system – and if you’re like many vapers, there’s a real possibility that you spend even more on replacement coils than you do on e-liquid. That’s because today’s heavily sweetened e-liquids create a thick, dark residue that quickly robs a vape coil of its flavor. You always want to experience the best flavor when vaping, but you may find that you often use your dirty coils longer than you should because you don’t want to spend a fortune on replacements.

If you want to experience the best possible flavor when vaping and don’t want to blow your budget on replacement coils, you’ve got to learn how to clean and reuse your dirty coils. Many vapers over the years have tried to clean their coils manually using hot water, and they’ve found that the results typically aren’t worth the effort. For a long time, the vaping community has wanted a better solution for coil cleaning, and that has finally arrived in the form of a device called ROBO2020. ROBO2020 is an automatic vape coil cleaner that leaves coils gunk free, dry and ready to use in just 30 minutes. With it, you can finally experience the best flavor quality every time you vape – not just when you feel like spending money on new coils.

Coffee Cold Brewing

If you’re a coffee fan, you know that brewing the perfect cup isn’t always easy. Many of the components of coffee that give it its great flavor are volatile and disappear fairly quickly after the beans are ground, and the only solution for that is to grind the beans yourself immediately before brewing them. That’s a lot of effort just to enjoy a tastier morning cup. Traditional drip coffee brewers, meanwhile, tend to extract the coffee at too high a temperature, leading to bitter flavors. The most common solutions for that problem are manual pour-over brewing – which is inconvenient – or buying a better automatic coffee maker, which is expensive. Many coffee lovers ultimately give up on the idea of having great coffee at home and simply buy expensive take-out or drive-through coffee every day on their way to work.

If you’re a serious coffee lover who wants to get the best possible flavors without spending a fortune or cranking a hand grinder all day, buying a cold brewer is going to completely change your routine. A cold brewer is simply a glass or metal container with a basket on the inside and a spigot at the bottom. To use it, you’ll put coarsely ground coffee in the basket and fill the container with water. That’s it! Depending on your desired strength, your coffee is ready to drink in 12-24 hours. At that point, you can remove the inner basket and discard the coffee grounds. You’ll have a cold-brewed concentrate that you can drink for a week or more before you’ll need to brew more coffee.

Cold-brewed coffee isn’t just great because it’s convenient and affordable. Here are some of the other reasons why cold brewing can transform your coffee experience.

  • Because cold brewing uses coarse-ground beans, it’ll only take a few minutes to do the job if you prefer to grind your coffee manually.
  • A cold brewer has a textured bottom to catch any grit that happens to sift through the inner basket. None of the grit will end up in your cup.
  • The cold brewing method produces a brew with a higher caffeine content compared to drip brewing.
  • Cold-brewed coffee is low in acid, so cold brewing is a great choice if you have reflux.
  • Cold-brewed coffee is concentrated, and you dilute it with water when dispensing it. A batch can easily last a week or more.

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