Get Into Reading as a College Student

Get Into Reading as a College Student

The college life is overwhelming, and reading can be a good way to take your mind off all the stress. Still, it can be hard getting into the flow. Nonetheless, with these tips, you’ll be easily able to pick up reading alongside your studies.

1. Just Read!

Reading is a great activity to do alongside activities that don’t require you to think. For example, you can read while eating, brushing your teeth, sitting on the toilet, or lying in the bath. In doing so, you take advantage of the same advantages that you already know from passive learning: You integrate little reading bits into your daily routine without really noticing it. You combine individual reading units with routine physical tasks that require little or no thought. You read in standby mode, so to speak, and work your way through your books step by step. In this way, you make much better use of your time and can create additional freedom because you have already done your reading time “on the side”.

2. Use Waiting Times!

Make it a habit to use waiting times productively and to read in these time slots. For example, you can read while waiting for the bus, take your book on the train, or work on your reading during TV commercials.

You should even bring your most recent book to uni, so you can use any interruption or delay as reading time. Also, you can read while you wait for your assignment to be done from custom essay writing services. Important here: Make sure that you do not unnecessarily stress and put yourself under pressure through the additional work. Reading while waiting is an option meant to be fun — not a must.

3. Read First Thing in the Morning!

Many students are exhausted after a long day of class and want to do anything but reading. your head is burning; they have mentally worked through the lecture material and find it difficult to engage in further content. Reading makes little sense in such situations. Therefore: move your daily reading unit forward you read first thing in the morning. This strategy has two key advantages: first, you’re still fresh in the morning and better able to absorb the information from your books; secondly, reading in itself is a simple activity that makes it easier for you to start a successful day and does not pose any major problems for you. Make reading your little morning ritual and start a relaxed and interesting day with it.

4. Read Before You Fall Asleep!

Incidentally, this concept also works the other way around – but only with one small restriction: Reading before falling asleep can be useful and fun. It can calm you down and set the right mood for you to doze off. But often heavy texts with a high information density are difficult to remember when you read late in the evening. In the worst case, these books even keep you awake because your thoughts cannot find peace. So choose wisely which book you take to bed with you. Just like in real life.

5. Make Competitors Visible!

In addition to your book projects, there are at least 1,000 other things that want to get your attention every day: your smartphone, social media, Netflix, your roommates, your partner, your dog, and so on. All of these influences compete with reading. And unfortunately, you cannot give in to every desire – your reserves are not sufficient for that. I don’t mean that you have to nip every distraction in the bud, but rather that you should be aware of which areas are important to you and which you can do without at the moment. If you really want to read more, does it make sense to watch ten episodes of your favorite series or hang around on YouTube for three hours? Maybe that’s it; I can not judge it. you already

6. Listen to New Books!

If you can’t sit down and do some serious reading right now, you could try something I’ve recently become obsessed with: audiobooks. There are now hundreds of books set to music on all major portals (Audible, iTunes, Spotify) that you can listen to comfortably on your computer or smartphone. With audiobooks, you can use your time even more skilfully and build up a wealth of knowledge at the same time. For example, in the car, on the way to university, while vacuuming, during sports, or when falling asleep, you can listen to the books that you would otherwise never have time for.

7. Read More Efficiently!

Every student can read. Probably not even one in ten people can read correctly – in the sense of being productive and sustainable. I myself only started late to see texts from my studies for what they really are: tools. And tools must be used in such a way that they save their users as much work as possible. Therefore, adopt a functional reading strategy. Say goodbye to the thought that you have to read every text word for word. This approach will only slow you down and waste time. You shouldn’t win a beauty prize reading. Your task is to get the most important information out of your texts. And as quickly, as precisely, and as productively as possible. In this article, I’ll show you how you can do that.

8. Read for Pure Romance!

With all affection for efficiency: When it comes to reading, nothing beats romance. I don’t mean that you should light a candle to read or put on classical music. It’s more about reading with passion and realizing how great reading is in itself. Don’t read because you feel compelled to read a lot. Read because you want to. Read because you want to learn. Read because you want to fuel your imagination. Read because you want to develop yourself. read for you


There is no time to read. There’s just no desire to read. If you are serious about reading more books in the future, you will find ways to do so. In this article alone, I’ve shown you 15 viable ways.

However, if reading is not important enough for you and you prefer to invest your time in entertaining series, Facebook, and trashy reality shows, then books will have little place in your life. In itself that’s not bad – it’s just a shame because your mental potential would probably allow more.

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