Top 3 Sex positions you should Practice with live cam Sex Girls

Top 3 Sex positions you should Practice with live cam Sex Girls

Meeting a cam girl and having online sex could be awkward and boring at first. The problem is not because online sex is boring; it might be because you don’t understand what online sex is all about. So, before exploring the industry, you should ask yourself, what is online sex? How much do you really understand about the community before you explore it?

If you cannot answer this at this time, it’s okay. Before the end of this content, you’d have understood some essential details about live sex girls and some positions you can try out when you find yourself on an online sex site.

One of the most important facts to note about online sex is that everybody feels weird about it at first. So, it’s okay if it feels a little awkward at first. Acknowledging that the entire process is weird is one of the first steps to overcoming the awkwardness, so embrace it and move on.

What is online sex?

In a nutshell, online sex involves using webcams, audio devices, or both to achieve sexual pleasure with other individuals via the internet. However, it could involve more than two individuals. It could be as simple as sex chatting/sexting. Inasmuch as erotic contents are passed across or exchanged or orgasm is achieved, online sex has taken place. However, there are various means of enjoying online sex. While some individuals prefer having audio sex over the phone, others prefer webcams and video chat sex. You see the other partner perform some erotic moves at the other end of the camera. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that online sex is one of the most enjoyable forms of sex you can explore, and there are several positions you should add to your list to enjoy it better.

Top 3 positions you should try when having online sex

Here are some of the top three positions you should try when having online sex

Kneel and rest:

When you visit an online sex site or visit a cam site, the first thing that comes to mind is looking for a suitable cam model to chat with. However, there are other important characteristics to note about these cam models and how enjoying sex with them can be possible. One of them is the height difference. As funny as this sounds, you need to consider it. That’s why this position is one of the best you can try. All the model needs to do is place her PC in an elevated position supported by a pillow and kneel while she rests on her legs. Kneeling, her body allows her to rest on the back of her legs, giving a perpendicular position. With this position, you get to see every part of her body and the touching of some parts visible from every angle.

The advanced missionary:

One of the best that can happen to you when you visit the right online sex platform is to find a flexible cam girl to having sex with online. It gets so interesting that she yields to whatever positions you are willing to try out. One of these positions should be the advanced missionary position. She places her PC in an elevated position on a stand some few inches away from herself. Once this is achieved and you can see her from the chosen position, she crawls to the bed and lies on her back, exposing her vagina area. The missionary position comes with a twist, including her raising her two legs wide open, supported with her hands, giving you the full view of her vagina region.

The ace walking position:

This is one of the most popular positions most visitors on online sex sites are used to. It features the cam model pacing left to right and forth while performing different erotic moves. If you are the type that enjoys conversations while having sex, this is one of the best positions you can explore. The camera could be placed anywhere in the room for both parties, inasmuch as your face and body will remain visible. You can enjoy this position like a scripted performance, where you pre-inform the model regarding what you’ll be doing. If you are new to the online sex experience or still experiencing the newness of the community, this position is the best way to start. It helps you boost your confidence and could quickly establish friendship, since it doesn’t feature explicit nudity at first.

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