How to Apply lessons learned for Success in Projects

How to Apply lessons learned for Success in Projects


lessons learned are a perfect opportunity to learn. Now, there is a lot you can learn from projects, and it is not only theoretical lessons. It is hardly any secret that the success of an enterprise in a large part depends on the quality of executed projects. Here it is necessary to highlight the importance of using the lessons learned methodology and its application in the course of events. If you are engaged in dealing with project management, then you certainly have noticed that some people have a tendency to first bury their heads in the sand, and then we are all talking about lessons learned, but do not actually do anything with them. But what is actually meant by lessons learned in project management? To obtain PMP certification, a project manager must meet certain requirements and then pass a 180-question exam.

In the project management field, lessons learned – “What can we do better next time?” – is often a question that comes up at the end of a project. When gathering lessons learned, it’s easy to focus on the negative. However, this should not be the case if you want to succeed in the next project. If you’re wondering how to apply lessons learned, here is the answer in this article.

What are the lessons learned in project management?

Lessons learned are a valuable source of information that can be used by project managers and organisations as they plan future projects. They are also useful to share with other project managers and organisations as they plan their own projects.

Whether it’s called lessons learned, post-mortem analysis, or post-project review, the purpose is the same: to capture the knowledge gained from completed projects so that we can use that knowledge to make future projects more successful. The main difference between these terms is that lessons learned focus on positive results rather than negative ones.

For example, if you were building something with your son or daughter, it could be how well they followed directions, how quickly they worked, what went wrong, etc. If you were planning a party for your spouse’s birthday, it would include what went right and what didn’t go quite as planned. If you were trying out a new recipe for dinner tonight, it would include whether or not it tasted good, how long it took to prepare, etc.

Why are lessons learned so important?

Lessons learned are a powerful way to improve a project’s chances of success. They can be applied to all aspects of any project, from the start of the planningprocess all the way through completion. Lessons learned play a key role in making a project successful by limiting the mistakes made in previous projects.

How to apply lessons learned in project management?

Whether you’re currently learning project management or already have a PMP certification, lessons learned can definitely help you improve your project management skills.

The importance of taking a step back and reflecting on the past is often overlooked, but it can be one of the most important steps in ensuring that you are successful in your future endeavors.

Taking time to reflect on what went well and what didn’t in your past projects will help you make better decisions going forward. It allows you to see patterns in your work, which will allow you to plan more effectively for each new project.

The first step is to identify what went well and what didn’t go so well during the project. If there were any problems with the process or with team members, try to find out why these issues occurred. Were they avoidable? How could they have been avoided? If there were no problems, try to identify what made this project so successful. Was it a particular aspect of the project? Was it something about yourself or your team?

Once you have identified these things, think about how they could be applied to future projects. What aspects of this project should be repeated? What aspects should be avoided? What aspects did not go as planned but ended up working out anyway? These questions will give you insight into what needs improvement and what needs to stay exactly as it was before. Then note down all these project aspects on the lessons learned templates available.


Like most other things, people do it the way they have been trained. In some cases, this is based on a methodology. In others, it may be following a certain approach or methodology as defined by their company. Unless you bring in the elements of flexibility and adaptability very early in the project, chances are that you may end up with a canned solution that does not meet the needs of the current project. The most important thing for success is learning from our mistakes and using the lessons learned to do better next time. If you have made mistakes as a project manager is your previous projects, don’t worry, you can achieve success through the lessons learned methodology. You can learn more about the project management with the help of Green Project Consulting. You are just a click away from your success.

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