Why trading crypto is not as easy as people think

Why trading crypto is not as easy as people think

Cryptocurrency has taken over the whole world. It has developed to be an essential part of the world’s economy and is mainly used for trade-in many aspects. Since it is a digital currency, it might be thought to be easy to trade. One of the many myths about cryptocurrency is that it is easy to trade. This essay will dispel that myth and show the risks of trading cryptocurrency, which make it not as easy to trade as it may seem.

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The risks associated with digital currencies can differ for financial institutions, non-financial businesses, and general investors during the trading cycle. The most significant risk for investors is investment risk, which is the risk that the value of the digital currency itself will drop. Any investor in digital currencies has to deal with this risk. Since cryptocurrencies don’t have any value in and of themselves, their value could drop to zero.

What Makes It Hard to Trade Cryptocurrencies?

As was already said, buying and selling cryptocurrency is not as easy as it seems. This section will look at the risks involved in the transaction and bust the myth that crypto trading is easy.

The risk of investing in traditional assets

If the value of cryptocurrencies goes down a lot, a business or person will lose money. It is an average investment risk, but it is harder to figure out how significant the risk is than traditional assets because the instruments are unique.

Also, it’s hard to predict future returns, which makes it hard to evaluate the risk-return tradeoff. Past results are not necessarily a good predictor of the future.

2. Extreme volatility

Unquestionably, volatility is one of the things that drives the cryptocurrency market. If you’ve never heard of the word “volatility,” it means sudden changes in how people feel about the market, which can cause significant and fast price changes.

The cryptocurrency market isn’t the only place where volatility is a problem. You can see them in other parts of the financial world, but they are worse and more widespread in the cryptocurrency market. There are many reasons why this asset class is so volatile, such as the fact that it is still young compared to other types of investments.

3. Market dangers

Like other commodities, crypto-assets can be affected by changes in the market. There are two types of risks in bitcoin trading: predictable dangers and risks that are not. Because the crypto market is inherently risky, all cryptocurrencies have systematic risk. Unsystematic risk, which is only present in a single crypto asset, could mean that the company’s core values have changed.

4. Problems with taxes

It’s not clear how bitcoin investments and returns are taxed. Depending on the country, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be considered assets in some places or money in others.

El Salvador, for example, has made Bitcoin legal tender. Countries like the United States and Canada allow people to buy and sell virtual currency. On the other hand, China and Russia have even banned specific kinds of trade.

For example, sales or value-added taxes may apply to digital currency purchases and transactions (VAT). People who invest in digital currencies may need tax advice often depending on where they invest.

5. Threats to cybersecurity

Cryptocurrencies may start a new era, but they also have an enemy that isn’t as well known: cybercrime. Because cryptocurrencies are completely decentralized, it is essential for people who own them to have good cyber hygiene and take safety precautions.

“Unusual disappearances” and ransomware attacks are complex and move quickly in the crypto environment, and newcomers are often the targets. Because of this, it is essential to know about these risks before getting into crypto.

It is essential to understand how the exchanges you invest in protect your money and what precautions they take.


With the information above, it’s clear that trading in cryptocurrencies is full of challenges that can get overcome with the right strategies.

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