Cricket Betting Online – updated list of Cricket Tournaments

Cricket Betting Online – updated list of Cricket Tournaments

There are plenty of international tournaments annually held in the world. Also in India, some worthy events can be interesting not only for fans but also for the bettors. All the main domestic competitions were collected in the list of cricket tournaments. So visit the website to check the full list of available events and the actual odds. Also, you will find a short description of the most important events that will take place this year. The average number of events held per year in India is 22-25. There are a few types of domestic tournaments that are organized in India:

  1. First-class
  2. Limited overs
  3. Twenty20
  4. Youth competitions

Also, remember that there are some interesting women’s domestic competitions, but you can see them not so often at the betting line. All those events are List-A cricket tournaments so there are only professional players who take part in them. But for sure the most popular and entertaining cricket in India, for now, is the First-class events. For example, Ranji Trophy is played between multiple teams representing regional and state cricket associations. The most successful team in this tournament is Bombay with 41 titles. Keep in mind that from the 2003 season of the Ranji Trophy the zonal system doesn’t use anymore because of the structure changes.

Main cricket tournaments – best events for bettors

Duleep Trophy – is one more domestic tournament in India that for sure deserves your attention. This event was named the Duleepsinhji first-class competition which was started by the Board of Control in 1961 and remains one of the most popular cricket events here in India. All the participants here are the strongest PRO-level teams, each of which has come a long way to its success.

Limited overs competitions – the second type of professional cricket tournament with an interesting one-day format. Previously the event was contested by 5 zonal teams, but in the last few years here taken apart only the Vijay Hazare Trophy, India A and India B. In this group, there are even more competitions that were named after the PRO cricketers from Indiaю Each of that players have come a long way and received the title of one of the strongest players in the Indian League.

There is its own Premier League here in India with plenty of great cricket tournaments that can be available for the best. It was launched in 2008 by the BCCI and has become one of the most popular events in India and every cricket fan already knows about the tournament. The main reasons for such high popularity are huge prizes (almost $3 million) and participation of the strongest teams.

If you are tired of all typical cricket tournaments then there are a few youth competitions that can be interesting for sports fans and the bettors also. The most popular in this category Vinoo Mankad Trophy (under 19),

Yagnik Trophy and the Coochbehar Cup-An (U-19). Each of them lasts a certain number of days (from 1 till 4 days) and has its own rules. Because of the difference in rules and regulations, every bettor needs to learn all the peculiarities of some specific event before the tournaments will be chosen.

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