Quality Perfumes in the UAE

Quality Perfumes in the UAE

The question of the authenticity of perfumes and their quality worries every second customer. How not to make a mistake when choosing them and what to pay attention to? We at perfume UAE decided to collect up-to-date information in one article and tell you how to distinguish original and high-quality perfumes from fakes.

Original Perfume vs. Fake

When you purchase an original perfume, its aroma will have a unique formula. It will be produced by a trading house or officially ordered from another company.

On the contrary, fake perfumes have a dubious composition, an unpleasant aroma, or an alcohol fragrance.

There are three most common types of fakes:

  • It differs from the original by the changed letters in the title. At the same time, the design of the bottle is similar to the original.
  • Often, expensive components are used, so the aroma sounds bright. On rare occasions, a version surpasses the original in smell.
  • Repeats the name, smell, bottle, and packaging of the original.

Signs of Quality Perfumes

There are many quality indicators for perfumes. Let us discuss the main.


The composition of fakes is usually incomplete – there are only top and, less often, middle notes. In addition, fakes often have a pronounced alcohol note.

The fake scent disappears quickly. If you stopped smelling after 20-60 minutes of application, your sense of smell may have adapted and filtered out the persistent fragrance, so be sure to ask those around you if the notes of the perfume are still present.

Reliable companies always provide a perfume tester, and their products fully correspond to it.


Original manufacturers use high-quality colored glass.

Signs of a fake may be the following:

  • transparent glass with a painted top layer
  • plastic
  • streaks or seams of glass
  • irregularities and bends of the form, casting defects
  • bubbles in glass
  • dull areas
  • thick bottom

A crooked, poorly colored, and fitting or too light cap is another sign of a fake. Manufacturers of originals make neat caps from high-quality plastic.

The first two presses on the spray should be empty – without spraying perfume because factory air must exit the pump. If the pump tubing does not fit into the vial and bends at the bottom, this is a sign of a fake. The spray head must match the design perfectly.

Before buying, evaluate the color of the bottle and the color of the liquid on the manufacturer’s website or in a large trusted online store. Turbid liquid or sediment is another sign of a fake.


Carefully inspect the box and pay attention to the following factors:

  • Check for errors in the name of the manufacturer and brand.
  • Cellophane packaging must be thin and neat.
  • Paper packaging should be made of high-quality thick paper or cardboard.
  • The beginning of a barcode must match the manufacturer’s country. The serial number must be clearly visible.

In general, study the packaging and bottle of a fragrance on the manufacturer’s website. Learn everything: shapes and proportions, logo size and position, security tapes, holograms, colors, label text, and print quality, and make orders only on trusted websites.

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