4 Fun Parent and Baby activities

4 Fun Parent and Baby activities

Spending time with your baby or toddler used to consist of simple cooing and cuddling, and maybe a sing along or two, but these days the ideas of what you can do with your little treasure have really expanded. Diverse and some could say strange, parent and baby/toddler groups are having major benefits. They both allow the parent to feel less isolated by meeting other parents of young children and provide a bonding session for the parent and child. Many of the classes on offer have also been scientifically proven to have unexpected benefits for the development of the child too. So here are a few different activities that can be fun to do as well as advantageous.

  1. Sensory classes

Babies can now join activities that are designed to engage with some of their key senses; sound, touch, smell, and sight. These baby groups are brought together to explore various strange objects that might be bumpy, noisy or stinky. Babies begin to develop their senses from an extremely early age, and by encouraging them to explore different objects, you can develop their motor skills, encourage social interaction and enhance their memory. You may find out about smells and objects that your baby finds particularly soothing too, such as the smell of certain herbs.

  1. Swimming

Taking a parent and baby (or toddler) swimming class has been popular for a while. First benefit is enjoying the fun of dressing your baby girl in an array of infant girl swimsuits so that she looks like an absolute angel in the water (or maybe a mermaid…).

In all seriousness though, swimming classes allow for a fun bonding opportunity as well as learning a vital life skill. Research has also shown that children that participate in baby swimming classes have remarkable better balance later than those that do not.

  1. Baby ballet

Not only will your toddler look super cute in a tutu, but by joining a baby ballet group, they will also gain plenty of skills. Baby ballet not only strengthens their muscles, balance, and co-ordination but they will also be able to engage with the music bringing in a sensory benefit. Dance is also extremely beneficial for emotional expression and is a healthy way for children to learn to deal with their emotions.

  1. Baby massage

Many parents are now learning the art of baby massage. Finding out the best way to massage your baby or toddler can be beneficial, especially if you have a child that is quite stressed or struggles to sleep. Massage can be an effective way to reduce the baby’s stress hormones, make them feel more relaxed and sleepier, as well as reduce their crying. These great advantages are also coupled with your opportunity to bond more with your baby.

There are plenty of other baby groups that are becoming trendy, and these are just a small collection of them. It is always worth finding out what the real benefits are, what the science is behind the activity and know if it is worth your time and that your baby will enjoy and get something positive from it.

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