Best Talent to Book for Your Next Big Party

Best Talent to Book for Your Next Big Party

With the pandemic waning and people desperate to get out and gather, you might be thinking about planning a big party this summer. But given the gap of time since your last go at party planning, there’s a good chance you’ll be a little rusty.

While we can’t do the planning for you, we can provide some valuable tips to help along the way. In particular, the focus of this article will be on the talent you may or may not consider hiring for the event. Not every party calls for them, but the following eight suggestions may help liven the mood and make your post-pandemic party something to remember for years to come. 


They say old tricks are the best tricks. With this in mind, consider booking a magician for your next big party. While the classic “rabbit in a hat” types remain a favorite among partygoers, there’s nothing wrong with toying with audience expectations and hiring someone with a more original and less conventional act. You could even arrange to have them show up looking like a guest, only to reveal their true self through a carefully executed opening performance. Just make sure they know what they’re doing by having them provide video of previous acts or doing a small demonstration for you before getting hired.


Everyone enjoys a good laugh, especially partygoers. With this in mind, party planners should consider searching for “standup comedy near me” and booking a comedian. The person you hire could be the next Chris Rock or Sarah Silverman! Again, we recommend you check out any available video of past performances to make sure they know how to get laughs and determine the type of comedy they perform. The last thing you want is to book a controversial comedian for a baby shower or hire a prop comic to perform for an audience of visually-impaired individuals.


Those interested in a more traditional talent choice can rest assured knowing musicians are always available to perform at parties. From cover bands to classical pianists, many types of musicians do a great job playing beautiful music for partygoers. We suggest matching the kind of music to the theme of the gathering. Something formal calls for classical instruments, while something casual calls for popular hits. You can also go the DJ route, which is a common choice for most parties.


Thanks to scary movies, true crime podcasts, and the high frequency of self-diagnosed coulrophobia among the general population, it’s no surprise that clowns have become an almost obsolete band of the performance spectrum. However, assuming none of your guests are truly frightened by the sight of clowns, consider hiring one for your next big party. The rarity of seeing a real clown these days could be enough to warrant doing so, as it will give guests something to talk about. Many working clowns are experts at playing to the crowd – knowing what to do and what to avoid depending on the audience.


While most self-described artists want their work hung up in galleries, many also recognize the need to earn a living. As a result, talented artists in cities across the map are available to do face paint, temporary tattoos, caricature drawings, and other party-friendly demonstrations of their artistic talent. Depending on the type of party you’re planning, hiring an artist could be an effective way to keep guests engaged and entertained.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a personal chef? While that might need to wait until you earn more income, why not hire a chef to do the cooking and baking for your party? Depending on the venue and availability of a kitchen, they could be there to whip up short order meals for guests throughout the entire evening. It’s not for every occasion, but for those in the process of planning a garden party or some other semi-formal event, having a professional chef on site could be the perfect way to provide guests with a memorable experience.


Mixing and serving drinks is one of those things we think anyone can do – until we try to do it ourselves. Sure, you might be a natural Brian Flanagan, but do you want to be stuck behind the bar the whole time? Why not hire someone who knows what they’re doing and would be happy to do so for the duration of your party? Start with your favorite bartender at your preferred watering hole; the prospect of making a few hundred bucks in tips for a few hours of work might be too good to pass up.

With the pandemic winding down and people wanting to get out and mingle, now is the time to plan a summer party. But before you do, consider which professionals you may want to hire for the event. From magic tricks to cocktails, there’s a lot of ground to cover, all of which can be done by those who make a living at it.

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