How to introduce Sex Toys into the Relationship and make the Couple happier

How to introduce Sex Toys into the Relationship and make the Couple happier

Relationships don’t work by default; people make them work. So, if your relationship is hitting rocky bottoms, it’s because you haven’t found out what works for you. The same way it’s impossible to replace a shovel with a spoon when building, it is the same way you can substitute your relationship with another. Most times, we make the mistake of comparing our relationship with our friends, and it doesn’t work that way. What works for A might not necessarily work for B. Instead, make a conscious effort in finding out what works for your relationship and work accordingly.

Have you ever thought of the importance of sex toys in relationships? Or have you thought of the possibilities of what sex toys could bring into your relationship? If your relationship has lost its spark, it’s time to do things a little differently from what they used to be. One of the ways by which you do things differently is by adopting sex toys in relationships. What this means is that you are bringing in something new that can spice up the intimacy in that relationship. Most times, sex is always one of the first issues most relationships face, so in other for your relationship not to have this issue, it is important that you do all it takes to ensure yours works. However, if you have been thinking of introducing sex toys into your relationship, and you don’t know how to go about it, worry no more.

Below are the steps to take to carefully introduce sex toys into your relationship.

·       Have the conversation with your partner:

It takes two to tango, and your relationship is incomplete without your partner. The implication of this is that for every decision you make, especially those that would affect you both like the ones that have to do with intimacy, you need to be on the same page. So, before you introduce sex toys into the relationship, ensure you, first, have the conversation with your partner. Depending on what your partner likes, it is important that you set the mood and wait for the right time to hold the conversation. While having the conversation, ensure you explain the reasons for the introduction of sex toys and how it’s going to benefit the relationship and not just a means to satisfy your desires. Do not at any point impose your feelings or your judgment on them. Allow them to have a say in the conversation and be ready to accept their decision. Don’t cajole them into accepting if you notice they are not comfortable with it.

·       Watch porn together:

Another interesting means of introducing sec toys into your relationship is by watching porn with your partner. However, there’s a bit of a twist here, so instead of the regular porn, ensure the ones you’d be watching together depict the introduction of sex toys in relationships. The porn clip should feature sex toys and how much the sex toy could enhance sex and increase the level of orgasmic pleasure. With this, they get to witness it themselves and coupled with the explanation you’ve made earlier, they might buy the idea. Watching porn with your partner isn’t only meant to educate you on new sex positions; it could also be educative in times like adopting sex toys into the relationship. The explanation is more detailed when they can see the importance of sex toys in the relationship, than just coming up with vague explanations.

·       Be willing to explore:

Telling your partner, the importance of introducing sex toys into the relationship, is never enough. After you must have sought their consent, and they’ve agreed, you must make a conscious effort to explore with them. However, it is important that you first understand how the whole process works before the introduction to the relationship. Two wrongs can’t make a right. Hence, ensure you understand how the sex toy works, and you are willing to explain it to your partner and explore it with them. Discussing the importance is never enough without the implementation. Although it might be a little tedious at first, don’t get tired easily, keep encouraging them with the importance it will be bringing into the relationship. Most times, we need to dwell more on the importance of introducing a new concept such as sex toys into relationships. Some relationships are such that they thrive on sex toys, as it has helped bring back the once lost sexual spark between couples. So, ensure you are willing to explore as well as do all it takes to make your relationship healthy, even if it means introducing sex toys into the relationship.

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