Staying in touch when a child spends a semester abroad

Staying in touch when a child spends a semester abroad

When a child goes away to college, it can be a significant period of adjustment for the parents. And, if they opt to spend part of their time at college overseas, parents could face another adjustment. Having a child overseas can feel a bit stressful. Keeping in touch is easier with today’s technology.

It is also easier than ever to send money online. Parents are able to use services like the Ria Money Transfer app to send money online. Studying abroad is a very exciting proposition and is beneficial both academically and personally. The Ria Money Transfer app for international money transfers is available to parents who need to send their kids money. An international money transfer is no longer a difficult undertaking. And using an app to send money internationally gets the job done safely and securely.

Technological advances in communication

Video technology allows parents to stay connected with their college-age kids no matter where they might be. When a parent is concerned about having their child overseas for extended periods of time, they are able to use video calls to feel closer to them. Before internet calling and video calls were the norms, placing an international call was very expensive.

If a child went abroad as part of their college experience, they were almost completely on their own. If they needed to get in touch with their parents during an emergency, they would have to place a very expensive call through a live operator. And it was not always guaranteed that they would get through on the first try!

This reality made it much more stressful for parents who wanted to stay in contact with their children when they were studying abroad. Thankfully, there is now wonderful technology in place that allows people to stay in close touch even when they are continents apart.

International banking made easy

One of parents’ greatest fears is not being close by if their child needs extra money quickly. International banking used to be complex, and sending money overseas was something that took time and effort. Fortunately, with today’s apps and advancements in financial services, sending money overseas is no longer difficult.

If a child experiences an emergency that requires extra cash to resolve, parents are able to send it to them, almost immediately. Having this option available gives many parents a greater sense of peace having their child living in a different country for a semester, an academic year, or even longer.

Another advantage of online international transfers is that the money is delivered in the currency of the place to which it is being sent. This means that both the sender and the receiver of the funds can enjoy better exchange rates. Receiving American dollars can mean that the funds can’t be used immediately. When a person receives a foreign currency and has to then visit a financial institution to convert it, it takes time and money.

Avoiding unnecessary fees when it’s necessary to transfer money overseas, is another significant advantage of using an app specifically designed to send money online. All of this means that it’s possible to send money overseas safely, efficiently, and at a lower cost.

Knowing that anyone overseas can receive funds in this manner, can help ease the worry that comes when loved ones are far away. It’s a smart idea to check for communication and financial solutions prior to a child leaving. Having all apps downloaded and in working order can help save time and energy in the future. Once a child arrives at their destination, they should test all of their necessary apps and programs.

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