Can You Use Your Last Pay Stub to File Taxes?

Can You Use Your Last Pay Stub to File Taxes?

More than 160 million Americans filed their tax returns last year, many of whom did them electronically. Sometimes, however, you encounter a few bumps along the way, such as only having your pay stubs to do taxes.

So can you use your last paystub to file taxes? What are the technicalities of doing so?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about whether filing taxes with your pay stub is possible.

Can You Use Your Last Paystub to File Taxes?

The short answer is: yes. As long as you have the last pay stub for the year, you should be able to file your refunds.

Many people encounter this issue when their employer doesn’t provide them with their W-2s. Sometimes you lose your W-2s and there’s not enough time to retrieve them from your employer or from the IRS.

In that case, your latest pay stub should have the necessary information to fill out your tax return forms. The IRS needs to know your monthly or bi-weekly income, which your pay stub provides.

When you file your taxes using your pay stub, just know the abbreviations on your stub that’ll help you fill out all the right boxes. For example, FED and SIT often stand for federal income tax and state income tax respectively.

There are, however, a few things to consider, such as considering what is and isn’t on your pay stubs.

Pay Stubs and W-2s

When taxpayers fill out their tax forms, they’re able to find whatever they would need from their W-2s from their pay stubs. This includes Medicare or Social Security withholdings throughout the year or other expenses.

What pay stubs don’t include, however, are things like your employer’s federal identification number. The address you jot down on your tax forms also has to match whatever address you provided to your employer.

If you hire a tax preparer to get your taxes done, they’ll need a W-2 for accuracy. Failing to provide a W-2 in these instances leads to incorrect filings and might end up getting you in trouble with the IRS.

As such, you need to acquire Form 4852 from the IRS. These documents help you file even without a W-2 handy.

Form 4852s

Form 4852s are simply substitutes for Form W-2s or Form 1099-R. When you aren’t able to secure those documents, a 4852 lets you file for returns.

These documents are designed for when employers either fail to deliver your W-2 or they incorrectly fill them out. Online tax filing programs often help you secure and fill out these documents.

Understanding How to File With Pay Stubs During Tax Season

When asking “can you use your last paystub to file taxes,” understand that you need the latest, most up-to-date pay stub plus a few other pieces of information. Use various guides online to help you file your pay stubs correctly.

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