Why You Shouldn’t Abandon Brown Hair This Summer

Looking for that gorgeous summer style? We’ve got a few reasons why you shouldn’t abandon your brown locks completely this summer!

We know that usually, it seems like lighter hair is all the rage when it comes to summer. Many of us head straight to the highlights and the balayage, those cheeky boxes of dye, or the salon and tell our hairdressers to lighten things up for that sun-kissed look.

But it’s a common misconception that going a few – or many – shades lighter for summer is the only option to change things up. Because in reality, the best colour for the season is whatever you want it to be!

Plus, we think that brown hair needs its moment. There are multiple ways that you can add dimension to your natural brow hair without the need to alter your look completely. Whether that’s adding a pop of colour, changing up your style with brunette hair extensions or revamping your look with a bold new cut!

So, if you need some inspiration, read on for some top tips on ways you can freshen up your summer look without ditching your natural brunette goddess just yet.

Switch It Up With Hair Extensions

Rather than heading immediately for that hair dye, why not bring a touch of freshness to your summer looks with a new style. Using hair extensions in the summer, first of all, is possible. With the advancements in hair technology and the improvements to how hair extensions are made, you can rock whatever hair extensions you like without rubbing your scalp, feeling uncomfortable or getting too hot.

Clip-In Extensions

Summer is often the time of festivals, trips to the beach and generally making as much of the good weather as possible – so why not rock some gorgeous, relaxed summer vibes with a set of clip in brunette hair extensions? Specifically designed to be comfortable all day, high-quality clip-in pieces offer seamless blending and come in many different tones and hues to match your natural shade.

Whether you’re after instant volume or a mane of glorious length, clip-in extensions can totally transform your look without the permanence of hair dye or colouring your hair.

The Ponytail

Summer is the season of mermaid waves and updos, so what better way to get a sun-kissed look that’s completely wearable even on those hot days than with a clip-in ponytail? Plus, with many hair extensions made with synthetic hair, you can style it like you would your normal hair, giving you endless summer updo options.

The Fringe

Cute summer bangs. Everyone loves them; now, you can have them without taking the plunge and cutting them into your natural hair. Fringe extensions are becoming increasingly popular and high quality so that the blend is un-clockable and the styling is impeccable.

Forget the chunky hairstyles of decades past, and say hello to a perfect, effortless way to change up your summer outfit in an instant. Plus, you can remove them whenever you like!

Go Ombre

Okay, so while technically this is reaching for the hair dye, it’s not entirely abandoning your natural brown tones. Ombre is an excellent alternative to lightening your darker hair completely, as you can tailor it to the specific shade you have and how much of a change you want to see.

It’s one of the best ways to keep the luscious depth of brown or darker hair tones without going too blonde – adding caramel or honey tones to your darker hair adds a subtle dimension that will get noticed underneath the sun.

Take Some Off The Top

Dying isn’t always the only option if you feel you’d like to change up your style this summer. Opting for a new cut is also one of the best ways to freshen up your appearance and to bring a new dynamic to the season.

Perhaps you’ve been fancying a graduated bob, or you like the look of that asymmetrical one length cut you’ve seen on Instagram? Because the weather is often warmer, taking a few inches off is not only one of the best ways to keep yourself fresh – literally – but it also improves the quality of your hair by removing those split ends.

Your hair undergoes a lot of stress during the summer, from UV rays to humidity and heat. So trying out a style that involves a little extra maintenance gives your hair the TLC needed to promote healthier, stronger hair come the winter.

Whatever you choose, whether it’s experimenting with adding some new hues to your brown hair or toying with hair extensions, there are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t abandon your brown hair in favour of that lighter dye. It’s about what style or change suits you best, so don’t be afraid to consult a specialist – especially your hairdresser – on what they recommend.

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