Want to Keep a Pet Turtle? 4 Essential Tips to Keep It Healthy & Happy

Want to Keep a Pet Turtle? 4 Essential Tips to Keep It Healthy & Happy

When getting one for the first time, you might think that keeping a turtle as a pet will be of relative ease. This is most certainly not the case, even if they don’t take much space or cause problems for their owners.

Although the pets themselves are not a nuisance, keeping the happy and healthy can be one tough job.

So, have you just got yourself a pet turtle and want to know how to give it the best life possible? Keep reading this article to find the best tips for keeping your pet turtle healthy and happy!

1.               Give them a Good Home

When taking care of any animal from the reptile family, giving them a good home is the first step. The turtle is one such animal that needs your utmost care with food and living environment. To know more about reptiles and the food you should give them, visit https://www.topflightdubia.com/.

The tank you will be keeping your turtle in should have enough space for the potential size of the turtle, the bigger the size of the tank the happier the turtle will be living in it.

You should also give the turtle a beach and you should also give them proper lighting as turtles are known to love basking in the sun. This lets them rest on the land, or swim around when they wish to. These are crucial tips to keep your pet turtle healthy & happy.

Furthermore, the tank should have proper filtration and be cleaned regularly. An unclean tank will make the turtle prone to several different diseases and so you should be sure to clean it once every week.

Lastly, you should remember to wash your hands before going near the turtle and its home as you might transfer contaminants to them otherwise.

2.               Handle Them With Care and Prevent Diseases

Taking care of a turtle is no easy task, no animal is immune to all diseases and so it’s not uncommon for them to get sick either. When this occurs, going to a veterinarian is a must!

But how should you try and prevent these diseases in the first place? Here are some ways to care for them and identify signs of diseases.

One of the tips to keep your pet turtle healthy & happy is by cleaning the algae that build on their shells. Otherwise, it will be itchy and irritable for them. Although they do not like being lifted up, it’s still necessary for cleaning them up.

Apart from keeping the turtle and its home clean, you should take them to a vet on the first sign of disease. To prevent these diseases, you should feed the turtle well, and whenever you think the turtle is sick, take it to a herpetology specialist so that they can give you the right measures to take and antibiotics to feed them.

3.               Keep the Turtle on Healthy Diet

One of the most important tips to keep your pet turtle healthy & happy is that you feed them well. Feeding them only a certain type of food will not satisfy them and they need variety just like humans do. They need a balance of greens, live insects, and specially prepared food for them.

Feeding your pet anything that it eats is one of the mistakes pet owners often make. Chances are, your pet will have a favorite food, but giving them just that will not be healthy for them. On the other hand, dietary variety will keep them entertained and happy.

Processed foods and dairy products must be kept away from your turtle at all times as they are not capable of digesting them properly. Give the turtle live insects to eat and switch up the insects you feed them as well.

Lastly, it is important to remember that you keep yourself from overfeeding the turtle or forgetting entirely to do so. You should maintain a fixed schedule and give them a balanced diet so that they can thrive. Different kinds of turtles also have different appetites so be sure to research your turtle or consult an expert first.

4.               Exercising is a Must

Like humans, turtles also need exercise. This makes exercising one of the key tips to keep your pet turtle healthy & happy. This can be done in several ways, so let’s take a look at some of them.

Regardless of how large of an aquarium you get for your child, It is still necessary for them to go outside and enjoy playing outside with their owners. Letting them roam outside the tank whether it’s outdoors or indoors is great exercise, just be sure to keep barriers and see to it that they are not harmed.

Additionally, you can drop some live fish or insects into the tank. Hunting is a great exercise and making the effort to catch them will be quite a healthy experience for the turtles. You can also purchase some toys for the turtle and train them to do a variety of tricks that entertains you and your little pet. You can also play games with them and treat them if they win.

In Conclusion

Although turtles can live as long as humans (up to 80 years), you should still make sure that they enjoy their life and stay in good health while doing so.

Just like humans, they also need care and love which is the owner’s responsibility to provide. We hope that this article helped you with these tips to keep your pet turtle healthy & happy. Good luck!


What are the different types of turtles?

There are 250 identified species of turtles, but they identify in three categories, aquatic, land, and marine.

What Homemade Foods Can a Turtle Eat?

A turtle can eat most green homemade foods as well as cooked chicken and beef.

How Big Can a Turtle Get?

A full-grown turtle can get as big as 8.5 inches.

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