Amazing Wall Decor Ideas for the Home

Amazing Wall Decor Ideas for the Home

It’s common for us all to be bored of our home decor and how our walls are decorated (or not!), especially after we’ve spent so much time indoors. However, you don’t have to be an interior designer to create the wow factor, and it doesn’t always have to break the bank by doing so. Concentrating on one particular area can significantly not only improve the design of home, but also enhance your mood. Simply making some small changes can also transform a room’s vibe and create a space that appeals to everyone.

In the same way as we choose furniture for our home interior design, then we also need to be careful about choosing the right type of wall decor that blends in naturally. If you’re fed up with looking at beautifully decorated interiors in magazines and want to do something about it in your own home, try out some of these amazing wall decor ideas.

Art works

Deciding what artworks to put on the walls of your home will depend upon which room you want it to be in. For example, you might want to get more personal artwork for the bedroom.You can add soothing and vibrant colors of nature, like amazing peacock wall art. Hang it on a large blank wall, above furniture, or on any palace that feels empty. Surely, you will be impressed by the character artworks impart to any space.You’ll also want to think about what kind of art medium is appropriate for your wall decor. Do you prefer photography, watercolors, prints or abstract art?

Another idea is that you may like to commission or order the perfect piece of art further afield. If you choose the latter, according to Classic Fa, certified professionals in art collections shipping New York, “high value products are much more than just getting them from point A to point B”, so you can be rest assured that your precious art from shipping experts will arrive in tip top condition, ready to adorn your wall.

Grouped Décor

If a large piece of artwork doesn’t appeal to you, then there are plenty more ideas for wall art to dress up your walls. We’re all aware of how mirrors can make a room look bigger and brighter, but they can also add more personality and texture to a room too. They can be especially effective if you add several mirrors to a wall so they’re grouped together to form a fashionable look for your home. Alternatively, you can customize your own creativity by displaying your favorite photo montage. These can be hung as prints, in frames or printed out on canvas in a layout that suits a room the best. Any theme can be grouped together to create a unique wall decor, such as pressed flowers, typography, driftwood or spiritual pieces – the list is endless depending on your own creativity!

Go green

If you’re a green fingered enthusiast, then maybe a living wall could work in your home. Essentially, this means that one of the walls is lined with plants to create green living wall art.

In addition to being a stunning feature, it also purifies the air and is said to reduce stress levels too. Obviously, you’ll need to think about the ideal positioning as it will need watering, light and feeding in order to survive. Consider climbers, moss or air plants for easier care, but you can mix plants up to create an extremely eye-catching living wall. If the idea of a complete wall doesn’t appeal, you can always put up separate wall planters for hanging greenery as it will take less effort to look after.

Feature it

A great way to transform a bland wall is to create a feature wall which will add a great deal of style to your home. How you go about this is full of possibilities! Depending on the decor of your home already, you can use fabric, reclaimed wood for paneling, stone and brick (even if they’re fake), and of course, snazzy wallpaper designs. These days, wallpaper designs can be both visual and have texture so the choice is entirely yours, and is an easy way to transform a room. Similarly, oversized murals, tapestries and even rugs can also be adapted for a simple way to add atmosphere and color in your rooms. Sometimes, it’s not always necessary to cover an entire wall; for example, you can feature the space above a chimney or tile a bathroom with a statement design.

Whatever design you go for to upgrade any wall in your home, it’s important to think about how it will fit into your current decor so it naturally blends into both the feel and look of your interior vibe. Opt for wall decor that adds color, space or a statement that complements your personality and can be admired by others.

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