Carrefour coupon

Carrefour coupon

Before discussing the carrefour coupon code, let’s know what it is and its services.

It is a multinational retail and wholesaling company based in France. It is one of the largest retail companies. Want to know which services it provides?

It operates a chain of-

  • Hypermarkets
  • Groceries stores
  • Convenience stores.

As of January 2021, they have stores in over 30 countries.


It offers a variety of services, from package collection to fuel delivery. However, the services provided by each store are determined by its size6 and customers’ needs and expectations.

One of its stores is carrefour KSA which is owned and managed by a group of Saudi Arabia.

In this article, I will discuss carrefour coupon that you can use while making any purchase from the store.

Use these latest carrefour codes UAE and carrefour on almowafir to make any purchase from this website.

In Saudi Arabia, it provides customers with all daily consumable products. Are you thinking about the quality of those consumable products? Worried? Don’t because it provides original quality assurance of all products, from foods and beverages to various cosmetics, electronics, and health care products.

Many people are fond of pets, so they can also purchase pet-raising products here.

Sometimes, we want to purchase items, but on the other hand, we also have to look at our budgets as many people can’t afford expensive products, it doesn’t matter if it is consumable or not.

So if you are also looking for discounted rates or any offers that help you buy at a low price, visit Almowafir. Almowafir provides you with the latest promo codes and coupons that you can use to save a lot of money.

Want to know one more interesting thing?

Here it is – Carrefour offers great shopping services, which also include –

  • free delivery
  • Return policy

What benefits do you get if you use Carrefour coupon and promo codes?

These will help you save money as these coupons and promo codes provide discounted offers.

Want to know how you can use Carrefour coupons and codes?

Here’s how you can-

Just paste the code at the time of checkout, and then you will be given privilege according to your code.

Don’t forget that the code you use should be valid.

Now let’s talk about some offers that you have ( as of now)-

  • Up to 60% off + 10 SAR off

The code for this offer is KS 15

this is valid till the 26th of June.

  • Up to 60% off + 15 AED off

But your order should be over 150 AED if you want to make use of this.

The code for this is AB88.

  • 10% off Extra

Code for this us MBB

But the order should be over 100 if you want to take advantage of this offer.

It is valid till the 25th Of June.

  • Up to 50% off + 15 EGP off.

But the order should be over 300 EGP if you want to take advantage of this offer.

It is valid till the 26th of June.

The code for this is MS 15

  • 1 KWD off

The code for this is KA5.

  • 15 SAR off + free shipping

But the order should be over 150 SAR if you want to take advantage of this offer.

CODE is KS 15

Here are some of the most famous offers which are valid for one or two more days. If you want to know about more offers, I would highly recommend you to visit the Almowafir website as they provide Carrefour coupon and promo codes which saves your money.


Carrefour is a French retail company that provides quality products to its customers, from consumables to electronics and beauty products. I’ve mentioned some offers which are valid for one or two more days. But if you want to know more offers, you can visit Almowafir. If you still want to know anything about Carrefour or carrefour coupon, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Question-

What are the benefits that you get if you purchase from Carrefour?

Here’s your answer-

  • Quality

They provide you with original quality products.

  • Variety

You can purchase various products ranging from consumables to beauty and electronic products.

  • Money-saving

There are a lot of offers available that you can take advantage of to purchase products at lower prices.

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