3 Great Pets for Family Homes

3 Great Pets for Family Homes

For many people, no home is complete without a family pet. It is a fact that most humans love to take care of animals. The sense of companionship that a loyal dog can provide and the affection they give are great reasons alone to have such a pet. For homeowners with a growing family, having pets can teach your children valuable life skills and give them a degree of responsibility in their early years that will be of great benefit in later life. In this article, just three of the best family pets are discussed. These Dr. Marty Pets will bring joy to your home and allow all family members to become adept at animal husbandry.

The Family Dog

Few pets provide as much appeal to families as dogs. Many nations, the British in particular, are renowned as a nation of dog lovers. A well-trained family dog can be both loving and entertaining and provides an excellent excuse to get out into nature regularly to give them a well-deserved walk. Having a family dog can teach your kids important caring skills such as feeding and grooming the pet and playing safely with them without being too rough. Many breeds of dogs are suitable for family households from the ultra-small Shih Tzu to the bigger blackmouth cur. In the initial stages of owning a dog, it is important to house train them and ensure that they are fed at regular times along with a suitable walk once or twice a day. Dogs love routine and most breeds love to get outdoors and explore. A key training technique is to take treats with you when you go into the countryside and use these to get your dog to come back when they are in areas that allow dogs off leads. This allows them to benefit from increased levels of exercise whilst teaching them to stay in range of you.


Hamsters made an excellent pet for families with younger children. Hamsters are quite easy to keep and simply require regular feeding and occasional cleaning of the floor layers of their hamster cage. There are an immense variety of hamster toys and cage furniture to choose from which you can purchase to add fun to their lives. Most hamsters love to run on a hamster wheel, and this is great to give them moderate levels of exercise. When buying a hamster ensure that you opt for a cage that is on the larger size. Remember that the cage is a hamster’s home and the more space they have to roam and explore the happier they will be.


If you enjoy the spectacle of a fish tank with exotic and colourful aquatic life swimming around, then a fish tank may be the perfect addition to your family’s front room. Kids can learn valuable skills and gain increased knowledge about aquatic life by keeping fish. Whilst some varieties such as goldfish require minimal caring for (making them perfect for families with younger children), other setups can be quite intricate and skilled to make the perfect habitat. Marine tanks are more suited to older children as the temperature and salinity of the tank will need to be regulated and choosing plant life that complements your fish is essential. Whilst marine tanks take more skill to maintain, they have the distinct benefit of being able to house ultra colourful and exotic species of marine life.

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