The amazing benefits of sex

The amazing benefits of sex

Even if, most of the time, it is treated as a taboo subject, we must not forget that sex is a natural thing. In addition, it also has multiple benefits for the body and mind.

Good sex offers lots of pleasure

It is important to understand that not always sex can be good. If there is no attraction between partners, then pleasure might not exist. This can lead to serious problems if a couple decides to stay together even though there is no attraction at all. Also, there are men who visit an escort Bergamo on a regular basis, just to fulfill their sexual desires. Lots of unhappy men do this because they don’t feel attraction for their partners anymore.

No matter the situation, one thing is sure –  sex is very important and we should not ignore it. It doesn’t matter how busy we are. It doesn’t matter what age we are. It doesn’t matter any of these or other aspects because sex is very important and we need to make it a priority. It is important for our physical, mental, and emotional health. There is nothing that could offer us more pleasure than sex. Yet, as mentioned earlier, it definitely has to be good sex.

Benefits of Skin

Each of us already has a routine for bright and clean skin. We also take care of what we eat and moisturize our skin as often as possible. Maybe you did not know, but, besides these care habits, we still have one, at least as effective: sex. When we have sex regularly, our bodie eliminates nocive toxines and therefore, the skin will look more beautiful and glowing.

When it comes to beauty, but especially skincare, sex can do miracles, say sexologists. According to them, orgasm is one of the healthiest things we can offer daily. During sexual intercourse, circulation improves, increasing oxygen intake. Thus, it is easier to eliminate toxins. The skin becomes brighter and increases collagen production, preventing wrinkles.

Benefits of Sex for Brain

A 2010 study, deployed by scientists at Princeton University, showed that more frequent sexual activity stimulates the creation of new cerebral cells (neurons) in the hippocampus, a major brain component. The study was made on mice and targeted two groups: a group of males had been exposed to a female once, while the other group every day for two weeks.

As a result, in both cases, it has been observed that sexual activity has stimulated cerebral activity. Moreover, it reduced the level of anxiety. Scientists have concluded that regular sexual acts generate many cells in the hippocampus area, a region of the brain associated with withholding information.

Even if the experiment was made on mice, the effect can be translated into people, given that human sexual relations are more intense and complex. At all this is added that this activity diminishes stress, so we can consider sex as a benefit for the brain. A healthy sexual life can highly improve the function of our brain.

Other benefits

If you are concerned about your silhouette, you need to know that sexual intercourse helps burn calories. Plus, it offers benefits for the heart and posture. When it comes to men, frequent ejaculation reduces the risk of suffering prostate cancer. For women, regular sex can mean adjusting the menstrual cycle and strengthening pelvic muscles to improve urine control.

At the same time, sex helps prevent many diseases and has been shown to have benefits in controlling pain. There are also benefits of the state of good. Sex is one of the best relaxation therapies and acts as a boost of energy. Hormones that are released through the sexual act improve your mood and lower your blood pressure, helping you sleep better.

Several studies conducted in various corners of the world assert that sex has multiple benefits for the body, both in the short and long term. According to researchers, sex diminishes the risk of developing heart disease, improves blood pressure, helps control weight, and improves testosterone levels. Here is a list that shows us in which situations sex can help us:

Improves sleep

It has already been shown that orgasm helps to relax the body and diminishes stress and anxiety, whether it comes as a result of sex or using something like this ana foxxx fleshlight. The action is immediate, and the effect can last even a whole day. After you have an orgasm, you feel much better. You feel more relaxed and you are not stressed anymore, even if you have been before. This means that it will be much easier for you to fall asleep. Plus, you will experience a deep and more restful sleep, which, again, will have a super positive effect on your overall health.

Improves immunity

According to a study by Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, the maintenance of sexual intercourse once or twice a week helps to increase the level of immunoglobulin A, an antibody present in the body. This antibody helps combat certain microorganisms that produce illness. Therefore, people who have sexual intercourse once or twice a week are less prone to develop colds, flu, and other diseases of the respiratory device.

Diminishes the risk of cardiovascular disease

Those men who maintain sexual intercourse once or twice a week help reduce the risk of suffering from a heart attack. In addition, sex is an excellent exercise that improves circulation. So, if you have a problem with circulation, maybe you should try and have sex more often. Try it and see how your health will improve.

Diminishes pain

Certain studies indicate that orgasm stimulates the production of oxytocin, a hormone synthesized in the hypothalamus. The release of this hormone stimulates endorphins. They have multiple functions, such as temperature control, hunger mechanism, and emotions. In addition, they have a similar morphine effect, which helps diminish pain and improve mood.

Increases longevity

Sexual relationships regularly increase longevity. It seems that men who have at least two orgasms per week have a 50% lower mortality risk compared to those who have sex once a month. So, the best thing you can do for you health is to have sex more often.