Most of us already believe that having sex offers advantages. Having great sex has many benefits, including lowering stress and cancer and heart disease risk. Sexing often may be good for your health in many ways, as shown by mounting research. Sexual activity, like any other physical activity, has health benefits that could extend your life. Here is a list of the advantages of having sex often.

We have 5 senses, but how often do we take time to slow down and really explore them during our intimate relationship?

With busy lives and lots of demands on our time, our sex lives often get reduced to quickies that focus on the main event of penetrative sex. While there’s definitely a place for quickies and focusing on the ways we already enjoy having sex, it is also important to make time to slow down and explore ourselves and our partners can help us increase intimacy and focus ourselves on different ways to experience pleasure.

Using the five senses and sensual sex toys we can explore and enrich our sensual experience with our partner.


Blindfolds can be a great way to explore sensually, our eyes take in so much information that we can easily get overwhelmed or distracted. Using a blindfold forces your partner to focus on their other senses and stimulations. Choose a soft, luxurious satin blindfold to enhance the sensual experience and play with touch, smell, taste and sound to stimulate your partner.

So there you have it, make sure you now utilise these great sense to experience even more pleasure in your life. And don’t forget, the use of a fleshlight (for men) or dildo (for women) can be an excellent way to really enhance your sex life.


Set the scene with a soundscape or ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) soundtrack. Or focus on the deliberate sounds of moving around the room and undressing – teasing their imagination with the sound of unzipping slowly and deliberately before you remove your clothes. Whisper sweet nothings or suggestive secrets in their ear to increase anticipation.


Smell is a powerful sense that connects to memory. Using fragrance to set a scene can create a sensual experience that can easily be revisited again and again through smell. Light fragrant massage candles to delight your lover’s sense of smell. Create different ambiances with different smells; warming vanilla or exotic spices will tell a different sensory story. Once the wax is melted it can be used for a stimulating or relaxing massage.


Playing with touch can help you and your partner discover new eroginous zones and erotic stimulators. Massage them with different strokes and pressures and explore with different touch sensations to stimulate nerves and erotic response.

Ticklers and stimulators that are soft and tease the senses are a wonderful way to heighten your partners awareness of touch on their skin. Gently run the tickler up and down their limbs, over their tummies or back, creating tantalising sensations.


Explore sensual foods together to stimulate your taste buds, or dust your partner down with an erotic, edible body powder that combines taste, smell and touch for a sensual overload.

Taking time to focus on one or more of your partner’s senses will create an intimate sensual journey that you can develop and explore. Using luxurious sex toys to pamper and stimulate will help deepen your sexual bond. You’ll discover new ways to explore pleasure and eroticism together that will strengthen your relationship.

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