Toshiba Managed Print Services Protecting Business from Data Breaches

Toshiba Managed Print Services Protecting Business from Data Breaches

The Workplace Solutions Business Division at Toshiba Gulf manages Toshiba office printing & workflow solutions in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey

Protecting your business information and personal data is vital in 2022. For IT departments, who are most often the teams responsible for securing data, this can become a formidable challenge with confidential, sensitive, and financial information at stake.

Personal data breaches are on the up and organizations are expecting increased data breaches in 2022, which indicates a critical security gap across organizations. In fact, according to statistics, one-third of organizations have faced 7 or more successful network attacks over the past year.

The problem is that securing information and data isn’t a once-off process. Today’s hackers are smarter than ever and this is why ongoing security and maintenance are vital for all organizations. Print security is also a key element in avoiding data breaches across organizations as Multifunction Printer Technology can be a starting point for hackers. This is why each fleet device needs to be maintained and protected – but the good news is that this isn’t a formidable task when implemented correctly and this is where Toshiba comes in.

Safeguarding your Data with Toshiba

Data breaches are on the rise and Toshiba has put together a comprehensive security assessment as part of their Managed Print Services. The service is designed to identify costly vulnerabilities in an organization’s print environment across five key devices:

  1. Device Security

Toshiba focuses on installation to end-of-life by ensuring device protection across the entire software and hardware stack of your organization. Toshiba protection is built in using a variety of key features including hard drive encryption, BIOS protection, and protections against malicious firmware, among others. With meticulous security standards put into place from first use through to the last, Toshiba secures the full device lifecycle of print fleets.

2. Access Security

Access security by Toshiba ensures the protection of both digital and physical access to your information. Access security makes sure the right individuals within your organization have access to the right data and device capabilities. This is achieved using customizable restrictions including roles-based access control features, multi-factor authentication, password management, and monitoring and intrusion detection – and more.

3. Document Security

e-BRIDGE Capture & Store by Toshiba, transform your paper-based filing systems into electronic document workflows. This technology bridges the gap between paper documents, scanned images, and information management systems, Capture & Store converts paper into pixels, with seamless integration into existing file servers, document systems, and office equipment. This ensures that your data is safeguarded in an online filing system and you are able to track and locate documents with ease – and security.

4. Fleet Security

No matter how many Toshiba devices you have in your print fleet, Toshiba offers the e-BRIDGE CloudConnect that manages your fleet security concerns through a cloud-based application designed to support the remote monitoring and management of your security policies.

5. Cloud Security

Toshiba cloud solutions and related service tools are hosted on only the leading cloud platforms, where security is always built in.

Organizations are Turning to Toshiba for Personalized Protection

Toshiba Managed Print Services are designed to protect businesses from data breaches in an increasingly risky time and do this by securing your entire print environment. What sets Toshiba apart in this regard is its holistic approach to your print environment and its focus on 5 critical aspects of printing.

This is coupled with security assessment and services that understand and optimize your entire print environment, ensuring an end-to-end security strategy at every stage of your printing cycle.

With only the best technology and strategy in place, Toshiba continues to help organizations across the Gulf in maintaining security across their print fleet and print environment and sets the standard for print security across the globe.

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