How to Spice Up Your Relationship

How to Spice Up Your Relationship

Being in a relationship is challenging and adopting a passive role can quickly lead to boredom and monotony, as we fall into a boring and repetitive routine. It is very easy to slip into such a lifestyle and there are certain signs the you need to look out for; if you both work and you hardly have any time together, this can quickly lead to disharmony and one of the first areas this impacts is your sex life.

If you would like to spice up your sex life, here are a few ways to do just that.

  • Order a few sex aids – Order some exotic sex toys online; sit down together and browse adult products, selecting ones that you would both like to try. The supplier uses discreet packaging and in a few days, you’ll both be able to play! Most girls love vibrators and there is a huge selection, along with other toys.
  • Romantic evening out – If you want to create the right ambience for making love, book a table at her favourite Thai restaurant and surprise her with flowers. This is a great way to end the week and the following morning, it’s got to be breakfast in bed!
  • Take a break – If you both work many hours, arrange a 3–4-day break and jet off to the Mediterranean; work can wait, as your relationship is more important. You will both feel great staying in a luxury resort and sex will be on the menu, with no time constraints. We all need to recharge our batteries and chasing the dollar is a full-time job, so you both need a change of environment in order to bring back the romance in your relationship. Here are a few tips for healthy bones and joints.
  • Pleasing your partner – We are not necessarily referring to bedroom antics, although that is important; rather go out of your way to do the little things that she will notice and appreciate. A relationship is like a sapling, it needs care and attention in order to grow big and strong and it is the little things that women remember; be unpredictable and use every opportunity to demonstrate your love.
  • Subscribe to Pornhub – If she loves watching sex movies, a subscription to Pornhub means you can stream high-quality porn 24/7; great for Sunday afternoons and any time that you are both at home. If you have yet to check out the world’s number one porn channel, there are many free movies that you can watch.

If you are your partner both work and you have kids, you won’t have that much time to spend together, but whatever it takes, you need to make the time to give your partner some TLC. Life can be tedious and we often feel drained and it is easy to slip into a boring routine; which is why you should make the effort to be better at everything you do.

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