What are Consumer packaged goods (CPG)

What are Consumer packaged goods (CPG)

What are Consumer packaged goods (CPG)? I’m Jesse Janae. This is Shipping Things, and today I’m going to share with you all the steps to creating beautiful packaging for your product. something like this. I’ve never done this early in an episode, not ever. But this is important. I’m going to do an early model list. And why? Because you need to know that before you try to start selecting custom packaging. Not all three parties and shipping partners even work with Consumer packaged goods or allow it. So before you get all hopped up on your new custom box, make sure your shipping partner supports it. And if you’re already working with one that doesn’t, we have some links to some that do below.

Now, the rule of thumb for your Consumer packaged goods budget is to spend between one and 3% of your total campaign funds or total revenue on the packaging. Within that 1%, there are a lot of design options. I think the simplest thing to do is break it down into two parts. Think of it as the inside and the outside of your Consumer packaged goods. The outside of your box or mailer is like a storefront. It’s an opportunity to make a unique impression with your brand, so you want to make it eye-catching. And if you’re going to spend more than 1% of your budget on the packaging, there are a few options.

You can use rubber stamps to customize a blank box, or you can use stickers or labels to add a nice pop of customization that’s easy to apply. And lastly but not least, you can use custom tape, which is an awesome blend of form and function. On the higher end of the packaging budget spectrum, more like 3%, you can start considering getting a custom printed box, and you can play with different finishes and design options to make your brand really stand out. Now let’s go inside the box. If the outside of the box is like your storefront, then the inside of the box is like the inside of your very own store for your brand. Now, your customers have already bought this from you, so you don’t need to keep selling it.

The inside of the box is a great way to add ambience to the whole experience and make your customers feel special. If you’re shipping in a box, you could stamp the inside of the lid with a custom message while still staying in the 1% range. Other options include using coloured void fill, such as coloured tissue paper or coloured crinkle, to add a nice pop without breaking the bank. And on that 3% end of the Consumer packaged goods budget, you can do some nifty stuff like play with custom printed tissue paper or butcher paper for wrapping your product, or go with some custom printed collateral notes inside your box. Or play with some fun box options.

Like here, you could print the inside of your box with a fun custom message, or put another box in the box for gifting, or play with little hang tags. There are all sorts of options. Guys go wild. We’re almost done. But if I may, I’d like to end with a big picture. Whether it’s supporting a new idea or product via Kickstarter pledges or whether it’s just regular old ecommerce shopping, something undeniable is happening in our world, people.

More and more products than ever are shipping directly from creators to customers’ doorsteps. This is a collection of packages that were sold on my doorstep just yesterday, and if you notice anything, a lot of them are just plain craft. That means it’s an unprecedented opportunity to actually stand out with Consumer packaged goods. Think of it as part of your marketing budget. So instead of just investing in fleeting things like online ads, you invest in a tangible thing that your customer is actually going to take a full moment to unwrap, enjoy, and treasure. That is an incredible opportunity.

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