How to Shave Your Scalp and Head from Home

How to Shave Your Scalp and Head from Home

Buzzed cuts and bald heads are on trend today. If you are in this category, you must see your barber often. However, even with a good look, such cuts and bald heads can pose various challenges, and not everyone knows the tricks to care for their head. The primary role of the hair is to cover the scalp and protect it from the sun. Unfortunately, some people don’t know the best way to care for their scalps after a bald shave.

Furthermore, shaving alone can be itchy, and the skin may feel dry and bumpy. All these challenges can change how you feel about your new look. However, there is a way you can do it right to prevent itchiness and dryness and keep your scalp protected. Here is what you need to do.

Choose Quality Shaving Products

Before you begin to shave, it is always recommendable to buy quality products. Ensure you get the right moisturizer and lubricator to help before, during, and after shaving. Buying quality shaving products protects you from all the challenges of using cheap products.

Select the Right Shaver

When shaving your scalp bald, it is recommendable to use a quality shaver that gives a close shave. A good razor does not disrupt the natural barrier of the skin. You can check here for a high-quality shaver that gives a clean shave to prevent after-shave irritation and bumps.

Shave Correctly

Even with a good razor, your shaving will determine how your scalp feels afterward. So, start with scissors or clippers if you have long hair. Moisturize the scalp to protect it during shaving. Failing to lubricate your scalp can irritate and damage your skin. If you are going for a buzzed cut, use a shampoo with scalp care actives to moisturize and protect the scalp from dryness, itch, and cracking. Wash your head with a moisturizer after shaving. This adds a protective shield that prevents dryness.

Don’t Scratch

Avoid scratching your scalp with fingernails. It damages the skin and causes irritation and cuts. So, don’t scratch and if you have to, do it gently with the soft part of your hands.

Care for Your Scalp

It is advisable to keep your scalp safe from the scorching sun. Therefore, always wear a breathable hat or sun cream to protect the scalp when going out. It is crucial to ensure you are caring for your scalp. As the hair grows back, it causes irritation and itchiness, which can be a significant concern. The situation can be even worse if you get dandruff. The best way to handle this is to use hair products with actives that prevent dandruff or dryness. Keep your scalp moisturized and protected to avoid dryness and flaking.


You don’t have to go to the barber to shave your head. Even so, you will have a duty to care for your scalp to look good. You need to do these vital things to keep your head looking good and protect your scalp from dryness and flaking. Use high-quality products and buy a good shaver.

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