Tips for Shipping a Boat Across Land

Tips for Shipping a Boat Across Land

Around 11% of American households own a recreational boat, which explains why so many of us are comparing transporting options.

Shipping a boat across the land is the most effective for larger vessels and traveling long distances. But if this is your first rodeo, it’s difficult knowing how to transport your boat safely. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you’re on the fence about shipping a boat and are looking for advice.

Hit the nail on the head? No worries, we’ve got your back. Here are our top tips for shipping a boat across the country.

Preparation Is Key

Before transporting a boat, it’s important to prepare the boat’s interior. Pack away any loose items and secure cupboards or locker doors, so that your belonging stay safe during the move. Then, once you’re done, batten down the hatches and cover them in tape as an extra precaution.

Further, familiarize yourself with prohibited items, so that you can remove them from the vessel. This includes radio transmitters, flagstaffs, and propellers because they may get damaged during the journey.

You should also spend time removing anchors, flag masts, and lights from your exterior. You must have a safe place to show these items so that they don’t move in transit.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, reach out to a boat transport company that can do the heavy lifting and search for car shipping quotes found here.

Invest in Voyage Insurance

Another important element of cross-country shipping is voyage insurance. Speak with the shipping company about whether they provide this because it could be included in the final price. Also, if you’re planning to ship a boat in winter, go the extra mile by winterizing the exterior or shrink-wrapping the vessel as it will stop dust, hail, or animal droppings from ruining the paintwork.

Empty the Tanks

Anyone who has had experience with boat shipping must empty the water and fuel tanks. You should also remove any liquid from the bilge and drain plugs from the hull. To be safe, flush your boat’s water system with a chlorine bleach solution to sanitize the tanks.

Disconnect and Power Down the Boat

Make sure you’ve unplugged batteries and shut off all electrical systems to prevent any issues on the road. And, if you haven’t already, store the cables in a safe place, especially away from the outlets. Also, the shipping company will advise you to keep a set of keys for hatches and doors and another for the transporter to give you peace of mind.

Everything to Know About Shipping a Boat Across Land

Hopefully, you’re now prepared to start shipping a boat across the land.

There are many factors to consider before transporting the vessel, such as preparing the boat’s interior and investing in voyage insurance, so that any damage gets covered. Boat owners should also empty the tanks and disconnect the electrical system before hitting the road. Good luck on your journey!

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