Classic Car Transport – What No One Is Talking About

Classic Car Transport – What No One Is Talking About

There are a few reasons to move a classic car. For starters, dirty roads damage paint, and cars get dirtier internally the longer they sit unused. Additionally, a car collector knows that it should be driven sparingly, and classic car transport can make a move without causing it to age prematurely.

Enclosed car shippers provide a secure and protective environment for classic cars during transportation, shielding them from external factors such as weather, debris, and other potential hazards that can damage or harm the vehicle.

Air Freight

Regarding air freight for classic car transport, you must make some critical considerations before booking your trip. This type of transport is typically more expensive than standard vehicle shipping, but it offers extra protection and peace of mind. Classic car enthusiasts know the importance of protecting their cars, and they need to feel secure that their classics will be transported in the best possible way.

First, the shipping company should be able to provide a quote for shipping. It should also have a good claim process. If your classic car is damaged during shipping, you should clearly understand how to claim compensation. The shipping company should be able to assist you during the claims process.

If you have a classic car that is too heavy to move by land, you can ship it by air. Specialized aircraft pallets are used to protect your vehicle during transport. These pallets are secured with solid fabric straps to ensure minimal movement during transit. On the other hand, motorcycles are usually packed into specially designed wooden crates and guaranteed on the aircraft.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed classic car transport is available in two styles: soft-sided and hard-sided. Softsided enclosed carriers have canvas sides and are generally equipped with specialty ramps. Hard-sided enclosed carriers require a gate lifter to open and close.

Enclosed classic car transport is a great way to protect your freshly painted classic car from the elements. While driving a classic car a few thousand miles across the country is fun, it can put a lot of wear and tear on it. Enclosed auto transport is more expensive, but it can help protect your freshly painted classic car. It is also ideal for transporting motorcycles, which tend to be less hardy than larger vehicles.

Enclosed car shipping is safer than shipping your classic car in a traditional truck. Instead of having an open trailer, held auto transport companies use a wholly enclosed car. Four walls and a roof protect this type of vehicle transport. Because of the added security, enclosed car shipping is often the best option for shipping classic cars in colder climates.

Single Car Carrier

If you’re shipping a classic car, one of your top priorities should be the shipping company’s ability to drop off and pick up your classic car. Unfortunately, while most shipping companies can do this, they’re not specialized in traditional car transport. That means you’ll have to take some steps to find a carrier with the appropriate experience and expertise.

First, make sure you choose a fully licensed and insured company. This ensures that your car is protected throughout the transport process. Also, you’ll need to ensure the company has a dedicated team with specialized knowledge in classic car transport. One option is Corsia Logistics, fully licensed and has years of experience shipping classic cars.

You can also choose between open and enclosed carriers. Enclosed carriers provide better protection against climate conditions and extreme weather. However, available pages are more vulnerable to damage, mainly when transported to areas prone to hail or heavy rainfall.

Top-load Transport

When it comes to transporting classic cars, the top-load method is a great option. This style of transportation is the most popular and allows you to reserve a spot on the truck’s upper level. This method is excellent for a classic car because the top level is protected from dirt and oil.

Another option is to transport classic cars inside an enclosed trailer. While this style of transport is often more expensive, it offers extra protection and peace of mind for traditional car owners. An enclosed trailer will protect the classic car from the outside elements, ensuring it arrives in one piece. However, you should consider the value of your classic automobile before choosing either type of transport.

Another option is to choose a top-load transport company. This style of transport is safer for your classic car because it can avoid dings and scratches. The top-load method is also more secure, as your vehicle will be protected from road debris.

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