Is it time to forget Excel mileage logs once and for all?

Is it time to forget Excel mileage logs once and for all?

Are you self-employed or do you own a company and need to track mileage for mileage reimbursement or tax deductions? What method do you use every month to make the process easy, fast and flawless? If you still tend to use Excel mileage logs, it’s time to forget Excel mileage logs once and for all – a mileage app will save your time and prevent you from IRS fines.

What should a mileage log book include?

According to the IRS requirements, a company mileage should contain a few elements to be fully IRS-compliant.

  • the purpose of your trip states if you used the car for business or personal purposes. While commutes to work and from work are not considered business travel, getting to clients, to a business lunch or running errands are, which means they are tax-deductible, considered to be business expenses,
  • the departure and arrivals point of your trips,
  • the odometer reading, at the beginning and end of each year,
  • potential deduction amounts – small business owners can estimate how much they will claim in tax deductions, according to the standard mileage rates of 58.5 and 62.5 cents.

Excel mileage log: Is it still a good idea?

It’s difficult to assess how many self-employed people and small business owners still use excel mileage logs, as if they never used any accounting software that helps them to control the profits and expenses. There is a much easier way of keeping track of mileage log, by use of a mileage tracker app.

Those who like to have a paper version of an expense report may still use the app and will get a printable mileage log anyway. They can even download a free Excel mileage log template.

Aside from being time-consuming, there is a risk of making logical errors in the expense report, which may result in a fine from the IRS. The situation can be prevented by using mileage software, such as MileageWise.

Excel vs mileage tracker app

Using a mileage tracker app, such as MileageWise instead of Excel will reduce the time you spend on creating the vehicle mileage log, and will prevent you from paying fines thanks to the in-built IRS auditor. .

Additionally, you get 3+ 1 auto-tracking methods (Bluetooth, Plug’N’Go, Vehicle Movement, Manual), an in-built IRS auditor, and the option of recreating missing logs. Will using an Excel IRS mileage log template ever offer them to you?


Create a mileage log that is 100% IRS-compliant with MileageWise. If you are not sure if this mileage tracker app is for you, try it for 14 days for free. We’re sure you will enjoy it and  forget Excel mileage logs once and for all.

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