Four Romance Tips from Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man

Four Romance Tips from Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man

At the core of the book Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man is the difference between men and women and how they process romance. Women struggle to find the right man because they don’t understand how men approach romance and love.

Here are four romance tips from Steve Harvey’s bestseller to help you navigate romance as a woman.

Begin by Understanding Men

The first romance tip to adopt from the book Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man is to begin by understanding men. What do they want, how do they love, and how can you know when to cut your losses?

The clear guides in this book can prevent you from unnecessary heartbreaks and baggage that could potentially ruin future relationships.

Know What You Both Want

Half of the heartbreak women go through is falling deeply in love with someone who is not ready for romance yet. If a man isn’t ready to fall in love, then no matter how loving, put-together, or great you are, he wouldn’t be settling down.

Knowing what you both want is essential to figuring out if there’s a relationship, where it’s going, and if you should invest more of yourself. If you’re looking for a serious man to settle down with, know it, own it, and accept it. Then be proactive about finding what he wants.

A good way to find out is by asking.

Don’t “go with the flow” or be afraid of asking “too early”.

“I don’t know” isn’t an answer. Men know what they want from every lady they meet. They may not be willing to acknowledge it if it means you’re moving on, but they know what they want.

In case you’re both not on the same page, there are no excuses here but the best recourse would be to end things before they go too far.

You Determine How You’d Be Treated in a Relationship

Half the time, when a man strings a woman along or doesn’t take her seriously, it’s because the lady allowed such treatment. Here’s how. The control over how far a relationship goes lies with the woman. If a man doesn’t meet up in ways that a woman requires, the relationship isn’t going anywhere.

Once you realize this as a woman, you’re more intentional about presenting yourself in ways that serious men recognize and respect. It also affects the kind of men you attract as well.

As I explained above, men know what they want, and regardless of what it is, you, the woman, control how much they’ll get. Be more intentional about presenting yourself in ways that demand respect and care.

Set Standards Early

One thing that women shy from so much in relationships is setting standards. The worry that “he’ll be put off” or that you’d be perceived as too “demanding” is a moot point.

Have standards beyond physical appearances. Have character standards, principal standards, relationship standards, etc. Most importantly, set these standards early. Tell him what you need, your dealbreakers, and how you want to be treated.

Early standards chase low-quality men away and make high-quality men respect you. Having means and stating them early saves time and lets you cut through faster to the man for you.

Relationships have a lot of grey areas, but there are fundamental truths that guide the behaviors of both men and women. As a woman, knowing these truths would help you act like a day and think like a man.

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