Why Do Successful People Prefer Waking Up Early?

Why Do Successful People Prefer Waking Up Early?

While some are morning people naturally, and from a young age, they adjust their bodies to wake up with the first alarm, others may find waking up early a tricky task. They prefer to turn off the alarm to get a few more minutes in bed, feel extremely tired in the morning, and just don’t know what the key to waking up early and feeling refreshed is. However, they usually don’t understand what the plus of waking up early is.

We live in a high-speed world where every minute counts, while celebrities, bloggers, millionaires, and CEOs of well-known companies share how they achieved success by waking up early. As a result, even those who found it hard to wake up early find it interesting to learn why it is so vital for successful people to wake up so early.

Luckily, we live in a digital world as well, where many people can share their personal reasons for waking up early. We created this article to share thoughts of successful people and their mornings while also sharing tips to achieve this extremely popular yet refreshing morning routine.

Why You Should Wake Up Early

Stay More Productive

One of the key reasons why successful people prefer waking up early is the ability to have a much more productive day. Early morning (6–7 am) is the best time to wake up as it allows you to avoid common distractions like notifications or family responsibilities. Therefore, you can be sure that no one will call you or email you about work; there aren’t any meetings or anything else. So you can get complete free time for yourself.

Since there are either no or fewer interruptions in the early morning, you automatically get time to finish tasks before work time, go to the gym, not rush and focus on your priorities. Scientists found out that how you start the day affects your energy and productivity, so waking up early means more tasks are done, and you are more productive in general.

Get More Energy

As we mentioned, early mornings give you lots of time to focus on your priorities with no distractions. Staying healthy and exercising is one of the things that all successful people do. That is because exercising in the morning gives you an energy boost, helps reduce stress, and makes you confident and mentally prepared for the day ahead.

Enjoy The Me Time

Successful people know what work-life balance is. Only having free time to enjoy hobbies, family, or anything that helps them feel better allows CEOs to generate bright and fresh ideas. That is why waking up early means so much to them. They have their unique me-time routines and spend time as they like outside of work, either in the morning or after work.

Tactics For Waking Up Early

Since you now know the benefits of waking up early, let’s explore how you can achieve that. While some people believe that there are simply no morning people and no chances to rise early, the truth is that you can adjust your body to this regimen over time. However, conditioning yourself to rise early is a tricky task. You will fail if you try to wake up somewhere between 5–6 am. Therefore, it is best to start by implementing these tactics gradually, and you’ll get there.

Take Baby Steps

Since your body will need time to adjust to new conditions, we highly recommend starting with baby steps. If you now wake up at 11 am or 12 pm, you should start waking up at 10:30 – 11:30 am for a few days. Then you need to wake up at 9:30 and 10, gradually moving to more early mornings all the way to 6:30. You can also help your body to better prepare for sleep by taking wake ups pills that help your body naturally feel better when you wake up even if it’s early morning.

Move The Alarm Away From Your Bed

Since too many people prefer turning off the alarm every few seconds just to get a few more minutes or hours to sleep, you need to prepare yourself for this desire. The key here is to move the alarm away from your bed. Once you hear it, you won’t be able to just tap the button to turn it off. So you will need to stand up and go to another room or to the table to turn it off, making it harder to fall asleep again.

Get Some Light

Another great way to psychically wake up your body as soon as you wake up (and go to turn off the alarm) is to get some light. It is recommended to open your curtains or turn on the light if it is too early for a sunrise. Even if you stand up to turn off the alarm, you will have a temptation to snuggle back into bed. And it will be effortless if the lights are turned off. When you get some light once you wake up, you can help your body to identify that it is time to start all processes and keep you awake. Even though it won’t be a pleasant feeling, it has been shown to be effective in many people.

Get a Regular Schedule Sleep

Since quality sleep affects how you feel in the morning and how quickly you will wake up, having a regular schedule helps you establish your inner clocks. You won’t get too many hours of sleep, but you can fall asleep as early as you will be able to get a deeper sleep.

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