History of Blackjack

History of Blackjack

This game is also known under the name “21”, and it is one of the most popular card games in the world. Every venue which has the word “casino” in its name has blackjack on the list. Even if you open RedDogCasino.com, you will find blackjack on the dropdown list there. And if in some countries there are other not less popular games, in England it has been on the top of the hill since the very first day.

The Beginning

Originating in Europe, this game earned its popularity in the USA, particularly in New Orleans, where it was brought by French immigrants. If to dig deeper, many things were brought to America by the immigrants, but it is another story. Someone called Eleanore Dumond arrived in the land of freedom and new opportunities and introduced the game to the locals. Eleanore herself was a dealer back in France, so she was familiar with the game and all its nuances.

New Orleans was an industrial city, and the new game conquered the hearts of sailors and factory workers quickly. Men spent all their free time and dollars at the local casinos, learning to count to 21 one. The latter skill was essential as it was impossible to win without it. By the way, the game’s original name was “21”, and it’s Americans who changed it to Blackjack.

One of the most valuable winning combinations in the gambling halls (that’s how casinos were called back then in New Orleans) was a Jack of a black suit and the Ace of spades. It was called “blackjack” and offered 10:1 payouts to that lucky bastard who managed to get it. This combination gave the new name to the game.

On The Las Vegas Casinos’ Secret Service

It is not a secret that all the gambling halls and later casinos aim to make money from their customers. Unfortunately for them, ordinary Jacks and Johns do not like losing money all the time. Thus, the gambling bosses had a dilemma: how to attract more people to the casinos and not lose the profit?

A detective named Robert Griffin came to save the day here. He wrote a manual with the possible combinations and started distributing it in the casinos. This book gave players the feeling of safety and control, and at the same time, it did not influence much on the game result.

Lay of the Lands Nowadays

The game is still actual, and the game is still rocking. Of course, some rules and regulations have changed. The main thing is that nowadays, card counting is illegal. If you are suspected of card counting, casino security has all the legal rights to throw you out. Thus, the card counters should be more hidden and more cautious.

Considering the economic situation in the world, more and more people are coming to casinos, hoping to improve their financial situation. If the exchange rate keeps growing up dramatically and your salary is unchanged, then the casino is the first place you would hope to make some money.

Native American casinos are still gaining popularity. Since 1987 when the natives were allowed to open casinos, they have been using this opportunity for 300%, biting a huge piece from the gambling market.

The positive thing is that blackjack is a beatable game. Same as you are not allowed (officially) to count the cards, casinos can hardly control the way the game goes. At least directly. It is worth considering that usually, you play blackjack versus other players, not the casino, thus, you have all the chances to make big money.


Blackjack is a game of centuries, and not including it in your roster means dooming your casino to oblivion. It is also important that playing versus other players, you have the same chances to win with them. Definitely worth trying if you are looking for a game to fill your evening out.

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