Five College and University Student Tips for Getting Through Crunch Periods

Five College and University Student Tips for Getting Through Crunch Periods

Every term has a period that might as well be nicknamed “crunch time.” The assignments start piling in, everyone around you is also stressed, and you might as well kiss your social life goodbye. Whether it’s your first stressful midterm exam or the last finals period you have to get through before you finally get your hands on a diploma, it’s normal to have at least one time when you wonder if you will make it through.

You don’t have to stress about your next crunch period when you make use of the following tips and resources, including an essay writing service.

  1. Be Prepared for Crunch Periods

At the beginning of each term, take a look at your schedule of assignments and identify any weeks that might become “crunch” periods. Is it around midterms? Do you have a lot riding on your finals? Or is there just a random week when all of your classes have assignments due?

Highlight when those crunch periods are coming up and be prepared for them. Try to get as many minor assignments as possible out of the way beforehand so you can focus on the big stuff, and don’t commit to any social events that will distract you from studying.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Many students adopt the “more is more” approach to studying for stressful exams. They think that if they cram as much studying as possible, including pulling all-nighters, that will increase their chances of success.

However, skipping sleep is actually counterproductive. You will be less focused on your assignments and turn in worse work. Plus, your health will suffer (more on that later). It’s better to outsource your work when possible, for example, using custom essay writing services, than to stay up all night and not do well.

  1. Maintain Healthy Habits

During stressful exam periods, many college and university students let healthy habits such as eating well, getting exercise, and maintaining hobbies and friendships fall by the wayside. However, these habits are important for your mental and physical health. Mentally, you need breaks from studying to help your brain function at its peak.

Physically, stress is bad for your immune system, and getting sick will put you even further behind your studying schedule. Make sure that you drink water, eat healthy (including fruits and vegetables, not just ramen), and get outside of the library every once in a while.

  1. Ask Older Students for Advice

If you’re just starting out in college or university, your first crunch period can feel incredibly tough. It seems as if you will never get on top of all your assignments. You’re not the only person to feel that way, and many students before you felt the same but got through it.

Older students from your institution will have advice for getting through stressful weeks at school. Those who took your same field of study or class can have specific tips for acing assignments you are worried about if you ask. Sit down with your favourite mentor or student adviser and pick their brain about how they got through stressful exam periods.

  1. Use All the Resources at Your Disposal

To get through crunch periods in school, you need all the help you can get. Make sure that you are using all the resources at your disposal. If you’re really struggling, talk to professors for help. Some might be willing to offer accommodations or extensions.

You can also look for help outside of your school, such as an essay writing service.

Crunch periods, or times in the term when the assignments pile up, always feel stressful, but these tips and resources can help you ride the wave of stress.

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