Top 5 Budget Tips for Your Next Trip to Portland

Top 5 Budget Tips for Your Next Trip to Portland

If you’re on a budget, you want to get more value from every dollar you spend. This applies to everyday purchases, but if you aren’t also applying that tip to your trips, you aren’t getting the most out of your vacation. There are so many ways that you can save and do more on any trip, especially to a budget-friendly destination like Portland. You don’t need to splurge and travel far to enjoy a nice time away. Whether you’re in Portland for a weekend or a week, this guide will help you do more with less.

1.    Get Out on Your Feet

If you want to soak in the best of the city and its surrounding areas, put on your best walking shoes and get outside. Some of the most exciting things to do in Portland involve hiking and exploring. Just outside of the city, you can go on a hike that will take you right up to a waterfall or see some great views of the nearby mountains. Hiking is a great budget-friendly activity that’s great for your health and well-being. Just make sure that the walk you go on is within your current ability, and plan enough time to complete the hike before the sun sets.

2.    Go to the Museums on Free Days

On the first Thursday of every month, every museum in Portland is free to enter. For the best experience, try to get there right at the opening. It will usually take the crowds an hour or two to visit, so getting there right when it opens is how you can enjoy the museums for free without it being busy.

3.    Take Advantage of Trimet

Portland has a very effective, flat-rate fare system on its public transportation system, Trimet. Each ticket gives you unlimited access to the transportation system for 2.5 hours. Not only can you get far on such a low fare, but you’ll also be able to save on parking and gas costs, making it a great, simple way to see more of the city for less.

4.    Make Your Trip Special By Going to Events

Most cities host big events that offer free and fun activities to keep their residents entertained. Portland has a great event once a month – on the same day as the museums are free. On this day, special events are held throughout the city, giving you not only treats like live music but unique shopping opportunities that let you get a great deal for something you won’t find in your average store. For the best experience, make your way to The Pearl District, which becomes pedestrianized to host a large market with something for everyone.

5.    Compare Accommodation Costs

It can feel like a challenge to get the best deal on accommodation. A great tip to help you save right from the start is to find options that are further from the downtown area. You will also want to compare sites, as the same hotel room can be priced differently depending on where you book.

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