Potential Jobs for People with Disability

Potential Jobs for People with Disability

The world is shedding its prejudices against people with disabilities. Workplaces are becoming more accessible in terms of infrastructure and opportunity. While there are more options now for a person with a disability than ever, not all jobs are the same. Some careers are better suited to people with disabilities than others.

If you or someone you know is hunting for disability-friendly jobs, this article will cover some of the top fields where you can look.

Accounting Firms 

Are you good with numbers? If yes, this line of work could be just for you.

Accounting jobs have been among the most popular choices for people with disabilities. For one, it is, by and large, an office job. The good news is employers in the accounting business are also extending their disability workplace policies, recruitment efforts, and support networks.

Accounting skills are always in demand. If you have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or related fields, the chances of getting hired are pretty good.

Finance Institutions

Financial institutions provide immense opportunities to people with disabilities. There are a lot of big players, like the PwC, who are keen on bringing people with disabilities into the workforce. All you need is an accessible office to bring out your best skills.

Information Technology

A job in the IT sector is an excellent opportunity for a person with disabilities. IT firms like Apple, Facebook (Meta), and Microsoft are some of the world’s top employers pushing for inclusivity in the workplace and empowering professionals with disabilities. Therefore, if you have a knack for technology, this is a brilliant career option where there is good money and career fulfillment.

Information Technology is a vast industry with various segments you can choose to work in depending on your interest and skill set. With a sea of online courses at your disposal, you can quickly build employable skills for this field. It’s a great way to gain training and certifications to build an impressive resume.


People who have emotional or psychiatric disabilities have a great option to work in trades. The very nature of work in trading is repetitive and physical. It can help a person with such a disability stay occupied mentally. Because this job is mainly set in the outdoors, it might not be a good fit for people with disabilities that are physically restricting.

Computer Support

Since there are Braille and voice-enabled systems, you can opt for a job as a computer support specialist if you are blind or deaf. They are the ones who manage and support computer hardware and networks for companies. This job is an excellent option for people with different types of disabilities.

Welding and Carpentry  

Jobs in welding and carpentry often require a person to put in long hours performing repetitive tasks within a set environment. Persons with emotional or psychiatric disabilities can find these jobs suited to their condition. When they intensely concentrate on what they are doing, it keeps them engaged mentally. It may help them to keep themselves focused outward while completing their tasks. However, these jobs often turn out to be too demanding for those with physical disabilities.

Music Production

A career in music production or any other art can be fulfilling. If you have a keen ear for music, you can get into recording, editing, or mixing sounds. You can work in this field even if you are visually impaired.

Final Words

The world of today offers so many new possibilities for those with disabilities. Finding work is now easier than ever as workspaces open up to be more inclusive. If you are looking for a potential job for a person with a disability or yourself, the internet is a great resource. You can also work with one of Australia’s leading disability employment services providers to find a job that suits your talent, skills, and interests.