Top 8 Free YouTube Video Downloader for Android and iOs Devices: Which One Is For You?

Top 8 Free YouTube Video Downloader for Android and iOs Devices: Which One Is For You?

There’s no better way to keep up with the latest videos on YouTube than by downloading them for offline viewing. Unfortunately, most YouTube users don’t find the feature useful because it’s hidden away and takes some digging to find. But if you use the right app, you can download any video from the site and watch it without an internet connection.

To make this easier, we created this list of the best free YouTube video downloader apps available on Android and iOS devices. These apps will let you download videos from any channel so that you can watch them even when there’s no access to a network or Wi-Fi. Even if you hate watching videos online, these apps are still useful for those who upload content regularly and want to save their videos for later offline viewing. Check out our top 8 list below for more info:

What is a YouTube Video Downloader?

When you search for a video on YouTube, the site shows you the top results from its algorithms. If you click on a video, the site loads it and the player for you. But if you download the video instead, it saves it on your device and you can view it later.

On the other hand, YouTube video downloader apps let you download any YouTube video and keep it for later viewing offline. You can also use it to create a playlist or cut out specific parts of a video so that you can share it with others. The YouTube video downloader app is a helpful tool for people who don’t always have access to an internet connection or people who couldn’t afford to subscribe to online streaming apps like YouTube and Spotify to listen to their favorite music and keep track of their favorite artists.

How to Use a YouTube Video Downloader

To get started with a YouTube video downloader app, search for the desired video and click on it. From here, you can choose between several download options. For example, if you want to download a video for offline viewing, you can choose the “Download” option. This will open the “Download Now” pop-up that lets you select the video quality and format. You can also choose a custom size so that the video is saved as a file on your device. And it usually varies depending on the YouTube video downloader app that you were using. 

Top 8 Free YouTube Video Downloader Apps for your Device

We’ve picked the best YouTube video downloader apps to help you save videos for offline viewing. These apps let you download videos for offline viewing, create playlists, and trim videos so that you can share them with others. Check out what works for you below;

  1. Btclod YouTube Video DownloaderBtclod is a freeware YouTube video downloader that’s easy to use because of its sleek and user-friendly interface. You can download YouTube into 13 different video formats of your choice. It’s not only compatible with Android but also with iOs making it one of the best free apps that you may use. It also converts videos into an audio files including MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAVV, and MOV. With Btclod, you can download videos all day, non-stop, and free of charge.
  2. BlueStacks YouTube Downloader – BlueStacks is a great YouTube downloader app that streams games and lets you download YouTube videos too. It’s a bit pricey compared to other options, but if you want to stream games and download videos without paying for a subscription, there’s also a free version that’s worth checking out.
  3. MX Player – MX Player is a great app for streaming any video content from YouTube, Yahoo, Dailymotion, and other sites. It’s also a great YouTube video downloader app with a ton of video quality options.
  4. YouTune – YouTune is another great YouTube downloader app that’s been around for years. It’s simple to use, comes for free, and has a ton of downloading options.
  5. VDownloader – VDownloader is a slightly older Android downloader app that’s still available for free. It’s easy to use, has a ton of downloading options, and lets you download videos in high quality. Moreover, it can also convert YouTube videos to almost all video formats that you want.
  6. TubeMate – TubeMate is a popular iOS YouTube downloader app that’s been around since 2010. It lets you download videos in high quality and has a ton of downloading options. This user-friendly app has been widely popular since its establishment.
  7. YT Downloader – YT Downloader is a newer Android downloader app that’s only been around since 2015. It’s easy to use and lets you download videos in high quality. And you can also download videos not only from YouTube but also from other online channels.
  8. Video Downloader – Video Downloader is a newer but reliable iOS video downloader app that’s only been around since 2016. It has a ton of video downloading options, which lets you select which parts of the video to download, and comes for free. 


We hope you enjoyed this article on the best YouTube video downloader apps. These apps let you download videos from YouTube and watch them offline at any time and anywhere. If you enjoy using these apps, then you can bookmark this article or follow us on social media to get updates on our next article. These apps also allow users to create playlists, trim videos so that they can share them with others, and more. These apps are also completely free, so you don’t have to pay a cent to save videos offline.

But even though you can download videos from your favorite channels, we recommend staying away from apps that promise to download videos for free, with no prior research about the app. Keep in mind that you must look out for reviews or ratings before clicking the “download” button on the play store! All the recommended apps in this article have been double-checked. It’s totally safe to pick one and try one of the apps! So, check out what works for you.

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