How to Keep Your Cat Healthy and Thriving

How to Keep Your Cat Healthy and Thriving

It probably doesn’t surprise you to learn that over two-thirds of American households own a pet and that for a little over 25% of them, that pet is a cat. While dogs may be considered more popular as family pets, there is an entire culture built around people being cat lovers. Cats are phenomenal companions and require less supervision and training than dogs do. If you identify as a cat lady or man, you likely invest the time, money, and care into your cat to ensure it’s living its best life. If you’re looking for ways to ensure your cat is healthy and thriving, keep reading for the best ways to provide an optimal life from when you bring your new pet home until you’re the proud parent of a senior cat.

Hiding Spots

Cats have an instinctual need to be able to hide and survey the area around them. No matter how comfortable your kitty companion is at home, providing them with several hiding options is essential. Some cats are easily frightened and prone to anxiety, so having cat trees with hiding spots, covered cat beds where they can get away, and other lounge areas helps their emotional well-being, impacting their physical health and fulfilling their instinctual needs.

Natural Cat Food

As human beings, we understand that we are what we eat, so the cornerstone of leading a healthy lifestyle for most people is consuming food high in nutrients. When it comes to your cat’s health, things should be no different. Natural cat food prolongs your cat’s life, helps its immune system, prevents allergies (which cats are prone to), and provides them plenty of energy. As a cat owner, you’ve also likely experienced your kitten having digestive problems, and natural cat food can prevent that. Lastly, though natural and organic cat foods are more expensive, when feeding your cat a high-quality natural diet, less food is consumed because it has higher nutrients and levels.

Toys and Playtime

All cats are different regarding what type of toys they prefer, from jingling balls to fake mice or a wiggling wand, but toys and time set aside to play with them are essential to their overall health. Wild cats get plenty of exercise and stimulation, but it’s not the same for a domesticated house cat. Dedicating time to letting your cat play with their favorite toys and bond with you is critical for a long and healthy life. It may take trial and error for you to realize their favorite toys, but stock up on those laser lights and crinkly balls so your cat can live its best life!

Scratching Posts and Boards

Cats have an instinctual need to scratch, and not providing them with posts, and boards will likely result in damaged furniture and rugs throughout your home. Not only does it save your belongings by providing a scratching post for your cat, but it also benefits your cat’s health. Scratching is excellent for your cat’s claw health by shedding loose layers from their claws; a tall scratching post allows your cat to stretch and keep their muscles in excellent shape, and though it may not seem like it, a scratching post is even a form of exercise for your cat. As referenced earlier, cats tend to get stressed out, so digging their claws into the right material satisfies them and keeps them emotionally happy.

 Lots of Love

Studies show that human beings who have companionship and love in their lives tend to live longer. It’s the same for your cat; though they may seem independent, they not only enjoy but crave companionship and attention from their human families. Providing ample opportunity to snuggle with you on the couch or even sleep in bed is a great way to show your cat love. Additionally, showing your cat physical affection, from scratching under its chin to gently stroking its back and grooming it, will help it live its longest, healthiest life.

Of course, other necessities like a clean litter box, fresh water, and routine vet appointments and vaccinations will go a long way in giving your cat its best life, but including the above essentials will guarantee it to thrive and give you two many years to cuddle!

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