5 Beautiful Amenities that Come With Assisted Living in Ithaca

Are you considering assisted living? If so, you may wonder what other facilities’ different amenities are like. This blog post will discuss some of the most common amenities offered in Ithaca assisted living facilities. Keep in mind that amenities can vary from facility to facility, so it’s essential to visit a few and get a sense of what each has to offer. Let’s start with one of the most popular amenities: the living space.

1 – Fully Furnished Unit

At assisted living complexes, residents have the freedom and security of having a private space to call their own in the form of a fully-furnished unit. These units have all the furniture needed for comfortable living, such as a bed, dresser, sofa, and kitchen appliances. Utilities and weekly housekeeping are also included in many facilities’ services and are great conveniences that allow residents to focus more on enjoying life while receiving much-needed support.

2 – Individual Studio Layout

Assisted living provides the perfect balance between independence and community for seniors who need extra assistance to maintain their day-to-day activities. One unique aspect of assisted living is that each resident has their own studio apartment, providing them with a comfortable space.


Residents can customize the space in any way they please while still benefiting from the support and security offered by sharing a facility with staff and other residents. With an individual studio apartment, residents at assisted living have the traditional benefits of living alone without having to worry about maintaining a house or being socially isolated.

3 – Manicured Properties

Residents at assisted living Ithaca can enjoy all of nature’s beauty without ever having to leave their grounds. Instead, their home is a manicured campus full of lush landscaping, colorful flowers, and tall trees. This stunning outdoor space encourages residents to get active, provides plenty of fresh air, and brings smiles of joy to those who take in its magnificence. Life on these gorgeous assisted living campuses is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience.

4 – Recreational Activities

Assisted living in Ithaca provides a vibrant social environment for its residents, offering activities ranging from art classes and painting to sports clubs and dancing. Group music sessions are also available to those interested in tunes, whether karaoke, gentle guitar-strumming, or even singing along to old classics. Residents can join in whichever activities they wish without feeling pushed into anything – everyone has the freedom to find something that works best for them.

5 – Relationship With Ithaca College

One wonderful aspect of assisted living in Ithaca is the proximity to Ithaca college. Ithaca college is a nationally revered institution with deep roots in the local community, including relationships with local assisted living campuses. This collaboration allows assisted living facility residents to access college programs, resources, and other activities to keep their bodies and minds engaged.

Wrapping Up: Choose Assisted Living In Beautiful Ithaca

Assisted living may be the right choice if you’re looking for options outside traditional nursing homes but need more support than a traditional apartment. Assisted living facilities provide seniors with independence and privacy while giving them access to 24-hour care in an emergency. But most importantly, they provide amenities that make life easier and more fulfilling for their residents.

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