Tips to Save Oneself from Scammy Timeshare Exit Companies

Tips to Save Oneself from Scammy Timeshare Exit Companies

Timeshare, also popularly called vacation ownership, is a lifetime commitment that one gives to a resort or family of resorts by paying for the annual trips to the place. One either prepays or give a lump sum fee for the maintenance and other costs of the property. Initially, going in for annual trips looks all amazing, but with time the burden of managing the cost can make anyone regret their decision instantly.

This is where the need to look for timeshare exit companies might come up. A timeshare exit company will help you get out of your long-standing timeshare contract and save you from the burden. But with new timeshare exit companies opening up every other day, the rate of scams is increasing rapidly.

So, how can one figure out which timeshare exit company is trustworthy? Here are a few points that one should follow to safeguard oneself from the scams of a timeshare exit company.

  1. Check out the contract thoroughly:

Many timeshare owners are fooled by scammy timeshare exit companies when they miss out on a few details of the contract. Sometimes the timeshare exit company owners make irrelevant claims making you wonder whether to go forward with the deal. There are a few exit companies that have a tie-up with the timeshare companies. Due to this, the exit companies actually put quite less effort into your contracts.

  1. Stay away from exit companies who are asking for hundreds and thousands of dollars:

In many cases, the exit companies have asked for hundreds and thousands of dollars to help out the customers in getting out of the contract. This is the biggest warning sign for identifying a scam timeshare exit company. A sham timeshare exit company will try to fool you by asking for heavy upfront fees and promises to help you get out of the contract as soon as possible. But in reality, these calls are made just to poll out money from you.

  1. Do not answer Unsolicited Phone Calls:

Has an unknown number ever called you and shared almost all of your details, like your email address, contact number, and home address, with you? These cold callers will try to push you into availing of their services. These organizations first look through the timeshare resale websites and find people willing to sell off their timeshare.

Afterward, they will gather your personal information from different platforms like real estate records, etc., and try to manipulate you. Make sure to either not answer or hang up the call as soon as you know the purpose of the call.

  1. Ask for transparency when it comes to the exit process:

When you are investing your money and hiring services from a professional timeshare exit company, it is crucial that you should know all about the exit process. From minor to major things, how the exit company tackles all the issues should be discussed properly before going forward with the company’s services.

There is legally nothing that the timeshare company should keep away from their customers. If any exit company is doing so, you should immediately cancel the contract and look for another timeshare exit company. Only a good and honest timeshare company will share all the details of the exit process with you. They will even step forward and keep you updated with all the progress.

Key Takeaway:

With plenty of timeshare exit companies circling around, it becomes difficult to figure out which ones are genuine and which aren’t. The tips mentioned above are something one can follow up on and ensure that any company does not scam them. Apart from this, also do some background checks on the exit companies. Go through the review and rating section to make your decision even firmer.

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