What Makes Naruto Stand Among The Best Manga Series List?

What Makes Naruto Stand Among The Best Manga Series List?

Naruto Shippuden is a successful shonen comic series accessible on different manga sites such as Mangaowl. It was merely a short time until Naruto Shippuden was made available to audiences after the roaring success of Naruto and how expertly it built up the expectations for a continuation. Naruto Uzumaki returns greater than ever following generations of toil and sacrifice, eager to keep his word and bring Sasuke back to the Hidden Leaf. Fans concur that some aspects, like the regularity of battle sequences and general strength progression, are better managed in Phase One. Naruto Shippuden excels in many other areas, delivering an extensive amount of touching scenes and giving fan favorites greater complexity. Naruto Shippuden isn’t among the best classic manga books for no reason. Keep reading to learn the list of unforgettable scenes to never miss out on Naruto!

 1.   Hinata Speaking About Her Real Feelings To Naruto

Everyone knows that Hinata was attracted to Naruto from the start, except for Naruto. Although it is amusing to see Hinata struggle to remain aware or rational when Naruto is around, this can only continue for so long. Hinata ultimately confesses her affection to Naruto in Shippuden, using one of the most effective strategies imaginable. A vulnerable Naruto is between Pain and Hinata, who tells him that she can’t leave him behind because she loves him. During one of Shippuden’s most iconic scenes, Hinata refuses to back down and confronts Pain despite Naruto’s pleadings for her to escape.

 2.   Naruto Saving Sasuke From Walking Away From The Leaf

Following Naruto’s vain attempt to reason with Sasuke in Section One, he makes several further attempts to argue with Sasuke during Shippuden but is continually ineffective. Thankfully, Sasuke understands Naruto and his beliefs around the finale of Part 2. Sasuke’s perception is impacted by Naruto’s persistence and the fact that he never gave up on Sasuke despite all the time that had passed. He consents to adopt Naruto’s philosophy that they may assist in one other’s recovery from the suffering they have experienced. He later makes a comeback as a supporter of the Leaf.

 3.   Opportunities For Sakura To Blossom Are Provided.

Sakura spends longer limelight in Naruto Shippuden than she did in the classic series. She doesn’t receive nearly as much attention as her colleagues. Much of Sakura’s initial character arc is concerned with discovering how far beneath she is and determining what her route toward becoming powerful would entail. By the time Part 2 begins, Sakura has had years of lessons from the Sannin Tsunade personally, and she possesses nearly unrivaled physical strength. Sakura not only defeats Sasori with Chiyo, but she also single-handedly keeps Naruto unharmed throughout the War chapter. Naruto Shippuden is a great read that offers a balance spotlight among the protagonists of the manga series.

 4.   Unforgettably Heartwrenching Truth About Itachi

Itachi is among the Uchiha Clan and the older brother of Sasuke. Fans only see what Sasuke has revealed concerning his brother Itachi in Part 1. Unsurprisingly, this strengthens Itachi’s reputation as a person who is excessively harsh after he destroys their whole Family solely to provoke Sasuke’s rage. Shippuden entirely turns this notion of Itachi on its head by portraying him as a devoted elder brother who took the necessary actions to protect his community and his younger sibling. Itachi transforms from a ruthless, enigmatic antagonist to one of Naruto’s most painfully intriguing characters.

 5.   A Time Of Peace Is Given In The End

When Shippuden finally ends, Naruto and others have gone through a great deal. It’s good to see the protagonists eventually get to decompress for a moment after the tension and compromise journey of Shippuden, even though the conclusion of Part 1 sets up tremendously substantial implications for Part 2 to plunge straight into. Naruto and the others may breathe easily and concentrate on other matters after the anguish and sorrow caused throughout the War storyline. Some enthusiasts may believe that the conclusion of Shippuden with Naruto and Hinata’s wedding is abrupt, but it is a significant shift of pace.

6.   Naruto Being Able To Meet His Mom.

The first encounter between Naruto and his mom Kushina is undoubtedly one of Shippuden’s finest heartwarming scenes. Kushina’s chakra intervenes just in time to be saved from Kurama’s rage and revenge. As a result, she arrives in front of him. Despite the apparent incapacity to move due to shock, Kushina describes her and Minato’s relationship with their kid and the fact that they both like and appreciate him. The 2 have a long-awaited loving hug after Naruto assures her that he doesn’t feel bitter about their abandoning him to grow older alone.

Where Can I Read Naruto Manga?

Naruto is a famous manga series with its continuation entitled Boruto. It is a must-read manga series due to the excellent scenes above and the learnings it can offer readers of any age. Naruto has a place in the heart of every otaku as it offers a deep and heartwrenching story that will stay in your heart forever. You can read without fees and worries with Mangaowl. It is a browser-based platform accessible using any browser. The site doesn’t require sign-ups as it offers readers free services. Although free, the site is free from pop-up ads and redirections that can interrupt your reading experience. If the site is down, Mangakakalot is a great alternative to try. Keep updated and read the latest chapters with Mangaowl!

Final Words

Naruto, one of the big three, is a manga that has had a significant impact. Much the same as Dragon Ball Z in the 1990s in assisting in exposing people to manga. Its departure from a few worn-out clichés that had become cliché over the years kept it unique. Shippuden is a must-read manga series. It is a timeless story to read anytime you prefer. Although it had an anime series adaptation, the manga version stays superior as it offers complete details of the story and is felt by readers across the globe. Start reading Naruto on Mangaowl now!

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