Bicyclists Are Prone to Dooring Accidents. What They Can Do About It

Bicyclists Are Prone to Dooring Accidents. What They Can Do About It

Bicyclists can be susceptible to dooring accidents, which happen when a car door opens while the person riding their bike is in motion. This collision often results in tragic injuries. If you are a victim of a dooring accident, you might want to get compensation by filing a claim. You need to get help in the bicycle accident claim process from an experienced lawyer to get compensated for your injuries.

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You can prevent dooring accidents by obeying these common safety tips:

  • Confirming Your Bike’s Size
  • Double Checking Your Brakes
  • Deploying Headlights at All Times
  • Wearing A Helmet at All Times
  • Keeping Both Hands on The Handlebars
  • Keeping Off Your Phone and Headphones
  • Avoiding Speeding

Confirming Your Bike’s Size

As a cyclist, you should always be sure that your bike is the correct size for your height and weight to control it effectively on the road. If your bike is too big or too small for you, you might be more likely to lose control of your bike.

Double Checking Your Bike’s Brakes

Make sure your bike is equipped with quality brakes so you can stop quickly when a car door opens in front of you. If your brakes are not strong enough, you could be prone to get doored due to your inability to stop.

Deploying Headlights at All Times

Even during the day, bicyclists should always turn on their headlights and wear reflective clothing. Reflective clothing is the most important way to alert drivers about your presence on the road. Drivers can easily miss seeing a bicyclist during daylight hours.

Wearing A Helmet at All Times

Always wear a helmet whenever you plan on riding your bicycle because an accident could happen at any time – even with no fault of your own. If you’re not wearing a helmet, your ability to recover from a dooring accident might be limited.

Keeping Both Hands On Your Handlebars

As a cyclist, you should always be sure that your hands are on the handlebars at all times. This way, you can quickly twist the bars in any direction and avoid getting hit by an opening door. You might be more prone to getting door if you let both hands off the handlebars.

Keeping Off Your Phone and Headphones

Although these devices might be extremely useful for leisure and communication, they can also pose a great danger when riding a bicycle. Most states have even passed laws to prevent bicyclists from using their phones while riding. A phone can easily distract you to the extent of losing focus on the road.

Avoiding Speeding

When riding your bicycle, you should always avoid over speeding on hills, as this will cause you to lose control. You could get into an accident that results in a dooring accident in this way.


You can use these steps to avoid being doored, especially in stop-and-go city traffic. If you’re the victim of one, you should seek out the help of a lawyer as soon as possible to recover compensation for your injuries. Do not suffer from any accidents that result in you getting doored by your car in front of your bike.

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