Patio Doors Vs. Garden Doors: Which One Is Right For Your Home

Patio Doors Vs. Garden Doors: Which One Is Right For Your Home

Whether you are building or renovating your home, the type of door you choose plays a significant role in accessing your indoor and outdoor spaces. With the many kinds of doors in the market, selecting the most appropriate one can be challenging. The two most popular doors are the patio and garden doors.

Patio doors and garden doors have unique features that make them different from each other. To make an informed decision on which door suits your home, below are the main differences between a patio and a garden door.

1.     Cost and Durability

Garden doors are relatively more costly to install than patio ones depending on your choice of material and design. However, patio doors are easier to maintain, making them more cost-effective than garden ones.

A garden door is made from steel and wood, which are non-rusting materials, making them a great choice because they can last long periods and withstand harsh weather. A patio door, on the other hand, is made from solid glass, which makes it unfit for homes in areas that experience severe weather conditions.

2.     Space

A garden door has hinges that swing open either inside or outside when in use and have a bigger opening than a patio one; hence requires more space and is suitable for people with large areas. Patio doors, on the other hand, slide horizontally and use the sliding mechanism, and are great for people with little space outside or inside their house.

 3.     Privacy and View

A patio door is a huge window that allows in natural light, which helps preserve energy and gives you a better view of breathtaking sights and what’s happening outside your house because it’s unobstructed. A garden door allows little light inside because of its large frames; if you value your privacy, installing this door would be wise.

4.     Safety and Security

Concerning security, garden doors are less secure because they have only one lock, and although multi-locking systems are available, they are costly. Patio ones have additional security features which allow the integration of kick locks or optional safety bars to prevent break-ins.

Patio doors have a sliding track that can cause tripping and falling when one is unaware of the track. However, garden doors are safer because they use sills that are unlikely to cause accidents.

5.     Style and Appearance

A patio door is neat, streamlined, and stylish, making it more appropriate for a newer modern house design, while a garden door is best for giving your house a rustic look. Garden doors come in different colors, finishes, frames, materials, and hinge swing options. They also have to conform to the standard door lengths and widths, unlike patio doors which manufacturers can easily customize to fit your preferred door length and width.


When deciding between a patio and a garden door, it is vital to consider your preferences and needs. Both doors can add an aesthetic appeal to your home, and the above features can help you choose the best one.

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