Key Marketing Strategies for Cannabis Companies

Key Marketing Strategies for Cannabis Companies

Marketing a cannabis business can be a huge challenge. This is because the industry is still new, and most traditional platforms don’t accept cannabis-related ads. Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have some tight restrictions when it comes to promoting cannabis-related products. Quite often, these restrictions tend to include legal CBD products or even ancillary companies that don’t sell cannabis. The good news is that you can still adopt cannabis marketing strategies to promote your products on various platforms. This article discusses the key marketing strategies for cannabis companies.

Strong SEO

You need to have a good digital presence for your cannabis business. In other words, you have to make sure that your target audience finds your business. In most cases, many consumers tend to use Google to find reputable cannabis stores in their area.

It’s crucial to rank higher when it comes to the relevant search queries and your business name. Firstly, you need to create a website and then build authority by simply driving traffic from reputable sites. You can also create pages that have valuable content so that your visitors can find answers to questions they are searching for.

Keyword research is usually tricky for new cannabis companies. It’s important to optimize your pages and website for cannabis-related keywords. Take note there are many directory listings and key publications for local cannabis businesses. And, these companies continue ranking and often receive a lot of traffic due to their search presence.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly and you can include the current special, live menu, contact information, locations, and many more. You should also encourage customer reviews on some popular platforms. Most people tend to read local business reviews, and they use them when it comes to making buying decisions.

Social media

You can also have a social media presence for your cannabis company. With digital marketing, social media can offer you the most direct and effective way to communicate with your target audience.

Regardless of what you decide to post on your social media accounts, ensure that you follow the terms and conditions of the platform you are using. Keep in mind that each social media channel can have different rules concerning the types of materials you may share with your audience. You can use your social media platform to source and gather user-generated content. Once your followers share some pictures of your cannabis products, you need to reshare them on your pages to increase awareness.


In most legal states, billboards are a common option for cannabis marketing tactics. They provide a direct and simple way to have your business in front of your target audience. No wonder, billboards are the main driver of most foot traffic to many retail cannabis businesses.

There is a chance that you may have seen some billboards in your areas, which had ads for cannabis products. This is especially true in states which legalize retail cannabis. You can adopt billboards as one way of promoting your cannabis products in your local area.

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