Silky Smooth Flavor Bombs

Silky Smooth Flavor Bombs

We have all heard of bubble tea even if the name was different. They are sold under many distinctive names, such as Pearl Milk Tea, Boba Tea, Milk Tea, and Tapioca Milk Tea. They all mean something similar, but traditionally it was named under Classic Pearl Milk Tea originated from Taiwan. It was introduced in the 1980s from Taiwan and started its journey across the globe. Sharetea, a bubble tea franchise brand, has been in the market since 1992 delivering high-quality milk tea for their customers.

Sharetea serves over 100,000,000 cups of milk tea annually. Now they have more than 400+ operating franchise businesses on a global scale, by being present in 4 different continents and 13 countries. 30 years of tradition and innovation got fused into one brand that truly cares and caters to the customers.

Where can I taste these bubblicious wonders?

Sharetea operates in a franchise model, which means that customers can be sure to have access to the highest quality ingredients and the best customer experience, no matter where they are from. They regularly test their tea leaves and batches to be sure their quality control is always on point.

Let’s imagine that you are looking for bubble tea in Seattle. Sharetea gets you covered. They are present in 4 different locations, namely: Downtown Seattle, the University of Washington, West Seattle, and last but not least, Chinatown Seattle. As discussed earlier, because of Sharetea’s high quality control, you can get delicious bubble tea in Seattle – or anywhere else to be fair. Their ingredients are shipped directly from Taiwan, where authentic bubble tea is from.

With over 30 years of experience, Sharetea not only continuously maintains their core values, but also constantly innovate and bring exciting flavors! Thanks to their dedicated R&D department, they can always step up their game and come up with fresh ideas so that you will always have something new and flavorful to choose from.

Not only that, Sharetea already has a huge variety of Boba/Bubble tea flavors and toppings on the menu – currently over 50!

Why Sharetea?

The bubble tea and beverage market continues to grow every year, especially when we think about metropolitan cities like bubble tea in Seattle. Since the introduction of bubble tea, it has become a drink that is consumed by many people daily. However, not many companies can prove 30 years of experience under their belts, while constantly serving the highest quality of brews, directly importing high-quality ingredients from Taiwan, and mixing tradition and innovation to cater to their clients.

After many years of perfecting their technique, choosing the best tea leaves, and introducing new drink categories – such as their Milk Tea, Fresh and Brewed Teas, Ice and Tea Mojito – they sure are a lively and reliable brand when it comes to bubble tea shop choice.

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