Should You Use Your Garage as a Storage Unit?

Should You Use Your Garage as a Storage Unit?

All too often, homeowners use their garage for two things: parking their vehicle or vehicles, and for storing a bunch of junk they have no intention of ever using again. All the junk does is gather dust and become home to rodents and spiders.

But what if you use all that extra space a typical home garage offers as not only a car park, but an efficient storage unit? You don’t have to spend a whole lot to make it happen either, especially if you’re a DIY sort of person. From affordable ceiling storage racks to wall-mounted shelving, there are dozens of ways you can put your extra garage space to good storage use.

According to a recent article from Homedit, the old adage that being messy is a sign of your creativity is a bunch of hogwash. The same applies to your junk-filled garage. It is largely an untapped storage space just waiting for the right storage systems to be installed.

If you are using all the available space in your garage, you’re missing out on a terrific opportunity to safely and cleanly store all your valuable items.

Making Plans for Your Garage Storage Space

The first thing you need to do is change your mindset. You must treat your garage like you would any of the many rooms you might have inside your home. Prior to searching for the right items you’d like to install in your garage like organization compartments or storage shelving, you need to decide exactly what your overall goal is.

At base, your garage storage space should provide easy and quick access to tools, lawn equipment, bikes, winter gear, and more. Before you pull out the plastic, make check on the price of what’s the best storage solution deal. A few retailers might offer extra services like installation if you choose to do your shopping with them.

Purchasing Garage Storage Materials

If you plan on DIYing your new garage storage unit, you’ll naturally require the right equipment and tools for the job. Organization projects aimed at the garage should initially focus on two top priorities: access and shelving.

For instance, with shelving, you will need nails, adhesives, wood, stain, screws, and more. If you decide to go with plastic storage solutions, you’ll want to invest in lids, containers, labels, and other items. You might consider purchasing a workbench which will always come in handy for an aggressive DIYer.

For the cost-conscious DIYer, you might think about snatching discarded construction materials right out of the dumpsters at a nearby construction site. Free is the best price out there.

The NewAge Garage Storage System

Says Homedit, the NewAge garage storage system is intended for items like equipment and tools that need to be organized. Your NewAge garage setup will contain at least two vertical closets that will come equipped with shelving that’s fully height adjustable, plus closed modules and even a mobile toolbox for convenience.

Storage lockers with metal shelves are said to hold up to 800 pounds. Mobile rolling models can store more than 600 pounds of heavy tools, materials, and equipment. If you combine numerous modules, you will be able to adjust them according to your wants and needs.

Overhead Garage Storage System

One of the most practical storage solutions for your garage is the overhead storage rack. By utilizing the overhead spaces, you automatically increase the floor space, which means you will create access for your vehicles and even seasonal items for winter and summer.

Adjustable overhead garage storage systems are engineered to provide easy access to tools, cleaning supplies, winter clothing, and gear. It is said to be the perfect solution for the highly organized person.

Overhead storage racks can also serve as protection for your equipment and goods from the elements. If your garage floor gets wet for some reason, you are fully protected. Lots of models are available on the market, so do your research to see what would work well for you and your home.

Wall-Mounted Garage Storage Rack

Designed as a vertical wall-mounted garage storage system, the tool rack is meant to deliver easy access to home gardening equipment, among other items. It provides not only access but the organization you are craving.

The storage rack system is constructed of heavy-duty steel and can hold upwards of 200 pounds. It’s said to be perfect for storing your stepladders, shovels, and rakes. You can also use the rack to store sports equipment, backpacks, and more.

So then, to answer the original question: should you use your garage as a storage unit? The answer is all too obvious.

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