Things that can keep your Child Engaged for Hours

Things that can keep your Child Engaged for Hours

Do you dread the time when your kid comes to you and says, “Mom, I am bored,” or “Can I watch TV?” You are. Right? Every parent dreads it because either the answer is a reluctant yes or no parent wants their child to watch TV for a long time. Or it could be a no, which enrages your child even more and causes them to throw a tantrum. Both cases are not so great. Right?

So, what is the solution? You often have to say yes to screen time because you are busy with work or chores or want to lie down. And you cannot play or do an activity with your child. What if there are a few activities your child can indulge in without minimal to no supervision? Don’t look perplexed; there are such activities, and the article discusses them below.

Have a Lego Challenge 

Kids love Lego, which can keep them busy for more than five minutes. But to ensure they don’t keep coming to you for help, skip the manual because if the kid misses one step, they will come to you to restart the entire process.

The best thing to do is skip the instruction and ask the child to complete the Lego as fast as they like. Or if you have two kids or more, give them separate Lego sets and start a challenge between them. A healthy challenge always helps kids focus on things and stay engaged.

Buy a Cubby House 

Get them one of the cubby houses online, which will work as a private space for them. There are many types of cubby houses; get one that your kid loves the most. If they can follow instructions, leave them to assemble it on their own. Otherwise, help them with the same. Once it is assembled, put it in the backyard or somewhere close to monitor the kids. You will be surprised to see the imaginative games your kid will play when they are left alone with such engaging toys and things.

Ask them to Help you Cook.

You are running to the kitchen to cook dinner, but your kids want to play. What’s the solution? Turning the TV on? No! Just ask your kids to come to help you in the kitchen. It not only engages them but also teaches them the basic survival skills that every child should learn, irrespective of gender.

So, maybe while you cut the vegetables, they can help you by washing them. Or they can help put the spices and help you stir the pot.

Ask them to Wash their Toys.

One of the best ways to keep your kids engaged while you work is to ask them to wash their toys. Give them a bucket full of water, a towel, and a few non-perishable toys. Ask them to wash their toys in it, dry them with the help of the towel, and then put them back in their toy basket.

Let them Camp Out

Get them a camper or tent, or build a fort using sheets. After this, fill the tent with pillows, stuffed Teddy bears, and blankets. The kids can now do anything they like in the tent, like read or make shadow animals with a torch. Give them enough healthy snacks, water, and more. It will keep the kids engaged for hours while you finish your chores or work.

Fun with the Ball Pit

Do you have a ball pit? No, don’t worry! Instead, find a large kiddie pool or a cardboard box and fill it with multiple small balls. After this, you can forget about the kids, as they will be busy playing with balls for a while.

Encourage them to Write a Journal.

Kids don’t have to write perfect sentences, but they can still doodle or write small sentences to express their feelings. It is good exercise for kids, which also keeps them busy. If they do not write a journal, they can paint or draw anything they are feeling or want to express.

Try these activities to keep your kids engaged for a few hours without worrying about their increased screen time. If you have a few more activities or ideas up your sleeve, do share them so other parents can try them out.

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