Is it Safe to Use Readymade Option Trading Strategies?

Is it Safe to Use Readymade Option Trading Strategies?

Option trading provides traders with the opportunity to profit from the highs or lows of the market. Even trading platforms nowadays provide a collection of pre-built option trading strategies. But are these readymade strategies safe to use? The short answer is yes. Before we get to the long answer, let us talk about why you should consider using strategies for online option trading.

Why Use Online Option Trading Strategies?

Options are complex financial instruments and constructing an option strategy may be even more difficult for newcomers. However, the best thing about trading strategies is that they can be used in any market condition.

Readymade trading strategies are a safer way to trade options online with efficiency as they eliminate the need to ‘try and error’, saves your time, and provide you with the ease and convenience to leverage expert-curated strategies. If you want to try it, the option trading platform – Options Trader by Dhan offers a variety of trading strategies to turbocharge your online option trading experience.

Now that you know the importance of readymade options trading strategies, let us discuss whether it is safe to use or not.

Is it Safe to Use Readymade Option Trading Strategies?

The safety and success of an options trading strategy, whether you construct it yourself or choose from a list depends on the performance of your financial asset and the choice of strategy. With that in mind, here is what makes readymade option strategies safe.

1.    Multiple Choices

You can find multiple trading strategies such as bull call, iron candor, etc. which you can choose based on your unique market view. They help you trade safer by minimizing your risk and maximizing the chances of potential profits as they are faster and more convenient to use even if you have a time constraint.

2.    Easy to Execute

Constructing a multi-legged strategy may be complicated for new traders. Readymade option strategies are easy to understand and execute as they are available in simple words and visuals. Thus, a trader can understand the strategy they are executing and make a safe trade.

3.    Real-time P&L

Readymade trading strategies come with their own profit and loss indicators, thus you have an idea of the future performance of a particular strategy. Check P&L in real-time to ascertain the safety of a trade by viewing potential gains and making the most informed trading decision.

4.    Quick Entry/Exit

Let’s say you think of a different approach after entering positions using a pre-built strategy. Don’t worry, as you can exit the positions easily with just a few clicks. Similarly, you can enter a position at the best point to make safe and profitable trades.

5.    Can Save Cost

Many leading trading platforms like Options Trader by Dhan provide option trading strategies at no cost. Additionally, you can save the effort and cost that you may have required to pay an expert with these readymade strategies.


Options trading can be great in any market condition if you make the right choice. While most traders depend on naked or single-leg trades, you can trade options safely using readymade strategies. Dhan offers a selection of pre-built option trading strategies that you can execute in a few taps and make the best of your option trades.

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