The fastest caricaturist. Extraordinary facts from Sadurski’s life

The fastest caricaturist. Extraordinary facts from Sadurski’s life

10 interesting facts about the famous satirist from Poland, Szczepan Sadurski. Jokes, caricatures, humorous drawings and Good Humor Party

Creator of Cheerful Drawings

1) He made his debut in the press as a primary school student. When he was 14, his comic was printed by the Swiat Młodych newspaper. Here, where comics with cult heroes of Polish comics were published.

2) On his 18th birthday, Szczepan Sadurski made his debut in the famous satirical weekly Szpilki. Four years later, he was awarded the Golden Pin – an award for the best humorous drawing of the year. It was the most prestigious award for caricaturists in Poland.

3) In the mid-1980s, Sadurski was the most frequently published cartoonist of the Szpilki weekly. He collaborated with the most famous magazines and newspapers in Poland. The Polish press published 100 of his drawings a month.

Newspaper Good Humor and Jokes

4) Dobry Humor, a nationwide joke magazine published by Szczepan Sadurski since 1991, has been published for 21 years. At its peak, it had over 200,000 copies. It was one of five newspapers with humor that Sadurski’s mini-press empire produced.

5) 333 Best Jokes – a series of books with Sadurski’s jokes and drawings, popular in the 1990s. Its popularity is evidenced by the fact that the fifth part had an illegal, pirated reprint.

Party of Good Humor and Happy Skyscraper

6) In 2001, Szczepan Sadurski founded Partia Dobrego Humoru, now known worldwide as the Good Humor Party. Its main goal is to make people smile more often. This international organization has several thousand members, including ambassadors in various countries. The membership fee of the organization is … 3 smiles a day.

7) 11 years ago there was a happening in New York City. The Happy Skyscraper was photographed in front of the Chrysler Building. The smallest skyscraper in Manhattan was made from a toothpaste box. The happening was the beginning of the fun, which soon other people joined in. To date, Happy Skyscraper has been photographed in 700 cities, in over 60 countries, on all continents except Antarctica. Currently, it is a symbol and … the seat of the Good Humor Party.

The Fastest Caricaturist

8) – a Polish internet portal with information, curiosities and jokes, initially it was a modest website with information about the cartoonist Szczepan Sadurski.

9) Sadurski is also an event cartoonist. Every few days he is invited to corporate and private events. He creates cheerful portraits in Poland and other countries. In 2012, the press in New York wrote that he was one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. But he didn’t draw as fast as he does now!

10) Currently, a documentary is being made about Sadurski. Soon we will know a lot of information about his life. Maybe we will also find out how it is possible that he needs only 100 seconds to make one caricature, or even less time.

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