Learn More About Popular Winery Tours in Kansas City

Learn More About Popular Winery Tours in Kansas City

When you think of wine production in the United States most people think of Napa Valley in California. Before Napa there was Kansas, with a history of winemaking back to the mid 1800’s. By the 1870’s Kansas, along with its neighbor Missouri, was one of the biggest vineyard and wine-making operations in the US. Early German immigrants planted varietal grapes that thrived in the region’s fertile soil.

Unfortunately, Kansas was also ground zero for Carrie Nation and the early temperance movement, with Kansas being the first state to pass prohibition. The early vineyards were virtually destroyed however in 1920 when national prohibition passed. Liquor laws in Kansas crushed the industry until the Kansas Farm Winery Statute was passed in 1985. By 2005 there were 13 licensed farm wineries in Kansas. These wineries produced in excess of 50,000 gallons of wine.

What Is A Wine Tour?

Besides of course tasting wine, depending on the winery you may tour the vines themselves or find yourself in a tasting room.  If the season is right, some winery tours let you pick a few grapes off of the vines. There are many different wineries tours that take advantage of these venues.

Crescent Moon Winery

Crescent Moon Winery makes a wine for all palates. From very dry to sweet wines they grow 11 types of grapes, both in white and red varieties. If you choose they will even invite you to join them in picking and crushing the grapes. They love showing the vineyards as well as the operations of the winery.

Jowler Creek

Jowler Creek, 30 minutes north of downtown Kansas City is touted as Missouri’s first green winery. Sample the wines in the tasting room, or in the wine garden next to their sustainable vineyard. These family-friendly winery tours welcome your children as long as they are supervised at all times. Even your dog is welcome here as long as they are leashed.

VanTill Family Farm Winery

From dry to dessert wines VanTill Family Farm Winery has a large selection of varietal wines. A wine garden that is open all year round is open air in the warmer months with glass doors, and outdoor heaters when the temperatures cool down. Book your private winery tours with accommodations for up to 50 people.

Rowe Ridge Vineyard & Winery

With a tasting room completed in 2012, Rowe Ridge Vineyard & Winery grows nine hybrid and native American grapes on five acres. Their first wine was produced in 2007 with currently ten wines available for sampling. You can view the vineyard from the tasting deck which is wheelchair accessible.

40 Plus Vineyards

There are 40-plus vineyards and tasting rooms in the Kansas City area, most with winery tours. Kansas City has a growing number of wineries using Kansas-grown grapes, with some winning national and international awards. No matter what your favorite varietal is, you are sure to find a wine to your liking in Kansas City with some of the best wine to be had. Book your trip to Kansas City for a winey tour soon.

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